110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV Price and specifications

110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV Price and specifications

Samsung has released a new 110-inch MicroLED TV, which for now is only available for pre-sale in the company’s local market in South Korea. The new TV is different from previous Samsung oversized TV options in that it is prefabricated and not modular and therefore can be installed like any other TV. The TV has an Ultra HD resolution HDR MicroLED screen and is the first TV of its size mass-produced with the new display technology. The TV is priced at KRW 170 million (approximately Rs 1.15 million).

The TV has MicroLED display technology, which uses micrometer-sized LEDs to replace the need for backlighting and color filters. This is similar to how OLED TVs work, but the use of millions of inorganic LED lights ensures that the typical brightness-related benefits of LED technology are preserved while lighting and pixel structures last for many years.

Samsung has pioneered this technology in recent years, and the new release suggests that the company is on its way to perfecting the technology for mass production of smaller screens. the 110-inch Samsung MicroLED The television has a built-in Majestic Sound System that delivers 5.1 channel surround sound directly from the television itself. It also comes with Object Tracking Sound Pro, which allows sound to be projected to follow the movement of objects on screen.

A feature called Multi View allows users to divide the 110-inch TV into four separate display boxes simultaneously, all with sizes up to 55 inches, making good use of the huge screen size. Naturally, the price and the size of the screen make it a niche product, but Samsung should soon be able to make MicroLED screens in smaller sizes.

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV is scheduled to be available globally in the first quarter of 2021 and is only available for pre-sale in Korea for now. The company is also expected to focus heavily on TVs at CES 2021, with a strong focus on 8K TVs, projectors and sound bars, according to a report by SamMobile.


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