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Top 12 Interesting Google tricks

Hi everyone Welcome to our blog. today I share the Top 12 Interesting Google tricks.Its very easy tricks everyone will do it easily.

Google Sphere
When you type "Google Sphere" on google and click on "I'm feeling lucky". You can see all the items on the screen start to floating in a spherical shape. When you search something in the search box then all the shown result start to float spherical. Google sphere is a very interesting feature. By rotating mouse pointer on screen u enjoy the floating effect of google.
Google Gravity
Type "Google Gravity" in google and click on the "I'm feeling lucky". You find google lost his gravity and all the items fall down. If you search anything in google and press Enter then all the search result falls down. Click on any result and throw than a saw the magic. 
Google Gravity Water
In these cool effect, all the items fall in the water. In google search type "Google Gravity Water" and press 'Enter&…

How to Send Money By Using WhatsApp Payment Feature

hi everyone welcomes to our blog. today I will saw you How to Send Money By Using WhatsApp Payment Feature.I hope your all doubt clear after reading this article.let start
WhatsApp Payment feature is finally live in India. Backed by Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the WhatsApp Payment feature is available for both Android and iOS. With this, you will now be able to send and receive directly to your bank account (p2p). However, you will not be able to pay to merchants as of now. To do so, you will have to add the shopkeeper as a contact and then follow the steps to send money like you will do for any other WhatsApp friend of yours.  You don’t have the feature yet? Here’s how you can get it First Update WhatsApp and get the latest version 2.18. Note that you will not get this feature just by updating the app. You would need someone, who has already got WhatsApp Payment feature, to message you. After that, just relaunch WhatsApp and the feature will automatically show up. While the featur…