how to use WhatsApp on computer or laptop

Hello, friends Welcome to my blog. today I am going to tell you about how to use whats App on computer or laptop.


Friends, if you are a WhatsApp user then we do not need to tell why WhatsApp is so popular than the other chatting applications. WhatsApp works hard to maintain its popularity and always keeps adding new features. You might have noticed that in the last few months, many features have been added to Whatsapp.

there are two methods to use WhatsApp on computer or laptop. I will explain both the methods with its steps. first one is WhatsApp Web method and the second one is using bluestacks. I hope you enjoy it let start

Method 1: Using WhatsApp web[use whats App on computer or laptop]

how to use WhatsApp on computer or laptop

Whatsapp Web is the latest feature of WhatsApp. In this, you can use WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop. Looking at WhatsApp's popular demand, the company launched its Web version. Using Web Version is not easy. Steps are given below. 

If you want to use the Web version of WhatsApp, then your WhatsApp application should be up to date (Whatsapp Update).

Steps HOW TO USE WHATSAPP on a computer or laptop Using WhatsApp web

To use this new feature of WhatsApp then follow steps that given below.

Step 1: open your web browser

Step 2: write following URL in Address Bar code + mobile number


Step 3: you can click on Chat 

Step 4: Verify your Mobile number.

Method 2: Using bluestacks[use whats App on computer or laptop]

how to use WhatsApp on computer or laptop

Bluestacks is useful for the run android app on pc and you can run whats app also using bluestacks. 

let see how to use WhatsApp in bluestacks steps are given below.


Step 1: Download Bluestacks software by going here

Step 2: If you don't have a graphics card on your Pc, then download bluestacks by clicking here.

Step 3After the download of bluestacks completes, install it on your Pc/Laptop. Installation may take some time like 3-5 minutes.

Step 4: After successful installation of bluestacks, we will follow one simple method to install Whatsapp on our bluestacks software

how to use WhatsApp on computer or laptop

Step 5: open bluestacks and you see the search option then click on search and search WhatsApp and install it.

Step 6: after this open WhatsApp and enter your mobile number and verify it.

That's it now you can use it WhatsApp on your pc or laptop. 

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