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Top 9 superhero games for your Android device

Hi everyone welcome to our we will talk about Top 9 superhero games for your Android let's start. Marvel: Avenger Infinity War is top of the highest-grossing films in today's time. Which clearly shows that not only children but people of all ages are fans of superhero movie. Behind the TV cartoon series, the games available on Google Play are becoming quite popular today. Marvel Ho or DC respectively, both Disney and Warner Bros. Together with one, they present a game, cartoon series and a movie. Today we have brought for you 9 superhero games of the year so far for the Android devices, which will give you a superhero feel to protect your world from the villain, then let's look at these games: 1. Injustice: God Among UsDC Comics has always been ahead in terms of games and television series and in this sequence, Warner Bros. Together with DC Comics has introduced INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Game Here you find all the heroes associated with DC Comics like Supe…

How to download WhatsApp status

Hi everyone welcome to our blog. today we talk about how to download WhatsApp read the full article. The most attractive feature that was introduced on social media platforms in 2017 last year is status or stories. Users can apply small videos or images as a status/story, which disappears automatically after 1 day. If talks about WhatsApp let everyone is engaged with thousands of videos or image status that comes to our WhatsApp, which we want to save it or share on your timeline. So today we have brought you the way to download WhatsApp status for you. So let's look at these methods: Ways to Download WhatsApp statusThere are 2 very easy ways to download Whatsapp status which you will also like. Method 1. download WhatsApp status By using File ManagerThis is the easiest and most often way to download WhatsApp status work on every mobile. Here you can save any status with the help of File Manager on your phone. For this, follow the steps below Step 1: First of all go to File M…

How to correct your damaged SD card

hi, friends welcome to our blog. today I am going to tell you about How to correct your damaged SD card. In today's world, most people use Android operating system based smartphones because here you can extend the internal storage via micro SD card. But as much as it is profitable, there is also the problem of a disadvantage as they are less visible when using the SD card for long periods. It has been seen quite often that the SD card also gets damaged when used in the phone or it does not use it for a few days, then the device stops reading them. But here's a solution to different problems that can easily free the user from this problem. So let's put a look at ways to make your SD card worth getting worse: How to re-use your SD card:Method 1: Name changes to SD card If your PC is not able to read your SD card, you can give your device a new name to overcome this problem. For which you have to: Step 1: Insert your SD card into a PC. Step 2: Right-click on My Computer / This PC S…

Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Phone

Hi, Friends welcomes to our blog. today I am going to tell you about Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Phone. so let start.
Smartphone cameras have been much improved in today's time, and for this reason, Mobile Photo Editor Apps are becoming popular. Everyone wants to edit their photos and make them Best, you will get thousands of applications but here are the Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Phone.
If you search for such applications in the Google Play Store, then there are so many options that you will get your head turned around. So today I'm going to tell you about the 10 best photo editor app for your android phone.
Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android Phone
Well, many of the Photos Editor is available in the Apps market. But some are good and some are not so good, so I have listed some most popular photo editor apps here.

1.Bonfire Photo Editor Pro [Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Bonfire Photo Editor is an editor app that is becoming more and more po…