How to download WhatsApp status

How to download WhatsApp status

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The most attractive feature that was introduced on social media platforms in 2017 last year is status or stories. Users can apply small videos or images as status / story, which disappears automatically after 1 day.
If talks about WhatsApp let every one is engaged with thousands of videos or image status that comes to our WhatsApp , which we want to save it or share on your timeline. So today we have brought you the way to download or share favorite WhatsAppSpace status for you. So let's look at these methods:

Download and share WhatsApp status

There are 2 very easy ways to download or share Whatsapp status which you will also like.

Method 1. By File Manager

This is the easiest and most often way to work on every mobile. Here you can save any status with the help of File Manager in your phone. For this, follow the steps below
Step 1: First of all go to File Manager and go to option menu and turn on the option to show hidden files. (This step is not required for everyone. Those devices with hidden files do not show up, they will have to use this step.)
Step 2: This should be followed before the usual manner WhatsApp folder on.
Step 3: After this you go Media >> .Statuses folder >> Here you have all the status of your friends shown at the present time, then from the status of those you like , copy them from that folder to your device You can copy key to another folder . Take the position you have saved, you can now share it on its own timeline too.

Method 2: Third Party Applications

If the status of your phone is not being saved by the file manager, you can download them through the third-party application on the Google Play Store You get enough applications for this, but we suggest you use the application called 'Status Saver for WhatsApp' .
Step 1: First download the application from the Google Store. Download link .
WhatsApp status saver application

Step 2: After downloading, open this application in the device.
Step 3:  Now if you have to save the image then click on the image option on the screen or else select the video option. And in front of you all your status will be displayed by friends.
Step 4: Once the image / video is opened, the download mark will be created at the bottom of the screen, the image / video will be saved on your device as soon as you tap it.

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