Top 9 superhero games for your Android device

Top 9 superhero games for your Android device

Hi everyone welcome to our we will talk about Top 9 superhero games for your Android let's start.
Marvel: Avenger Infinity War is top of the highest-grossing films in today's time. Which clearly shows that not only children but people of all ages are fans of superhero movie. Behind the TV cartoon series, the games available on Google Play are becoming quite popular today. Marvel Ho or DC respectively, both Disney and Warner Bros. Together with one, they present a game, cartoon series and a movie.
Today we have brought for you 9 superhero games of the year so far for the Android devices, which will give you a superhero feel to protect your world from the villain, then let's look at these games:

1. Injustice: God Among Us

DC Comics has always been ahead in terms of games and television series and in this sequence, Warner Bros. Together with DC Comics has introduced INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Game Here you find all the heroes associated with DC Comics like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
Here you get 3 versus 3 battles in addition to creating a team of heroes or villains, besides fighting multi-player competitions. Here you can also level up your hero and also use his special power kaka, such as flashing super power, attack with very fast speed and defeat the team members of the front.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions

Talk about superhero games and it does not matter to Marvel, it can not happen. Here you get one-on-one battle called Captain America vs Wolverine or Hulk vs. Thor. Apart from this, some tips / tasks are also given here, the completion of which increases the power of your hero and you get the best experience of gaming.
Here you can make alliance with your friends, after which you can better win prizes by participating in the event by making good strategies and enhancing the global rank. Here you get regular updates that keep the game in large part from today's time. Like the recent addition to the Infinity War movie, Wakanda Battle, and updates from the movie Ant-Man and WSAP, which were released just 2 days ago.

3. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is one of Marvel's first games to combat Injustice Games. Here you see more and more Marvel super heroes in one place. In the game you have given different modes such as Story Mode, Villain Battle, World Boss Battle. Upon completion, your team and hero level up.
There are also regular updates on other games. As soon as a movie related to a marvel is coming, the event associated with it begins in the game which gives you a very attractive reward which helps you to play the game.
In the Future Fight, you get to see the 3-on-3 Team Battle. Here you can use heroes or villains as a team together and with the level of heroes, it is possible to use different super powers like throwing power of Thor or Hulk's Hulk smash etc.

4. DC Legends: Battle For Justice

This also includes Warner Bros. Is a great role-playing game presented with characters from DC Comics. Here you can see characters like Batman, Superman, Green Lenton. Apart from this, you also get used to the villain, which you can take along with team-battles.
Apart from Team Battle you have the option of multi-player one-on-one battle Arena, where you can compete with different players all over the world to get a good rank. After winning the Fight you can develop around 80+ characters along with level-ups, which gives you the ability to use your hero super power. Like Superman lasers the eyes etc.


This game can be called a fairly advanced futur-fight game. The object of the game is similar to the Ace concept. Here you will also see all the Marvel's superheroes and villains, but here you get 5-player Team Battles feature along with a lot of good graphics.
In Strike Force, you complete the task given by Shield Head Nick Fury and you meet here. Some objects using which hepar can also develop with level-up, which allows the player to use all the hero's power. gives.

6. LEGO® DC Mighty Micros

This game introduced by LEGO Syatme A / S gives quite a different experience because it is a racing game, not an action or RPG game. Here you do not have to fight Batman or Superman, but in the LEGO car you have to race with villains and win.
Here in the middle of the race you can also attack your car on the front. Like Batman car you can go back to the bullet. The graphics in the game is also better than normal and not only the car here but you also have to complete the task by airplane car, after which you can unlock new hero car and new power.

7. LEGO @ Marvel Super Heroes

If you can use a paid application for a better experience then this game is a great and large size (2.2GB) application. Here you get about 91 different super heroes like Iron Man, Winter-Solzer, Hulk and they have to beat Villain at every level in the game.
Here you are given 45 different missions through which you finally prevent Loki from the destruction of the world. Apart from this, you have been given some Challenges through which you will get some rewards.

8. Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited

We are the most popular super heroes of all but Spiderman has a different place. This is the most distant and cheerful superhero who is quite powerful. Spiderman is one of the most watched cartoon shows ever. Here you can see your superhero roaming and waving on the streets of New York, besides saving the city from criminals like Sinister Six and Mysterio.

9.Justice League Action Run

If you like games like Subway Surfer or Temple Run, then this game is made for you. Whereas DC's most favorite super-heroes such as Batman, Wonderwumen and Cyborg run away on the road and attack the enemies and kill Villain.
Here you also find other superheroes who can unlock the game along with you slowly.
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