Smartphone Myths: Top 7 Myths About Smartphone

Smartphone Myths: Top 7 Myths About Smartphone

today Smartphones play an important role in our lives, it is difficult to live without it. In the same way, the number of smartphones and the number of users are increasing, as well as many such mislead that you should be aware of. Today, in this article we will Talk about Top 7 Smartphone Myths. If you are a smartphone user then you should be aware of the smartphones myths that described in this article.

Top 7 Biggest Smartphone Myths

Smartphone users sometimes get into a misunderstanding and argue with many people, and then later regret the truth after knowing it. You do not have to make such a mistake, so here are some common smartphone microns. Let's know some things related to smartphones that are not true ...

1.Camera MP

Many smartphone users judge any smartphone camera according to its megapixel and many more times when buying new smartphones they choose smartphones after seeing more megapixels. You should not do this at all, because the camera's megapixel does not make the camera better. The quality of any camera depends on many things.

2.Auto Brightness

All smartphones have a choice of brightness in it, you can use the smartphone's brightness manually or in automatic mode, but many smartphone users think that if we keep the brightness in auto, then this smartphone will avoid battery discharging soon. But this is absolutely wrong. My opinion is that you always control the brightness manually.


There are a lot of myths related to the battery of the smartphone, one of them is that we can not charge the smartphone overnight, or after charging full charge the battery will be blast etc. You should know that overnight or overcharge, the smartphone battery is not damaged in any way as the smartphone does not charge after full charge. You can leave the smartphone on a full night and leave it on the charge And can use in the morning.

4.Third Party Apps

Android smartphones users can easily install third-party applications by downloading them, but many smartphones users think that if you use third-party applications, viruses come from malware but this is not entirely true. , If you install an application that is infected with viruses, malware only then your smartphone may have virus malware. There are many best-trusted app stores apart from the Play Store from which you can use third-party applications to install their smartphones.

5.Background App

Many times you noticed that many smartphone users shut down the applications running in the background in their smartphones and they think that by doing this smartphone will perform better but this is not true. The applications that you use in the background are stored in all RAM so that the next time you open the application you can get better speed. By turning off background application, again and again, its load more on a smartphone.

6.Smartphone Charger

Whenever we buy smartphones, we get a lot of items together with them, one of them is the charger, there are a lot of myths related to this smartphone charger, one of them is that we should only use the charger found with the phone and Can not use another brand charger or local charger. This is not entirely true. You can charge your smartphone from the charger of any other brand, but you should be aware that the specification of the charger is good and trusted.


Many such smartphone users think that the more signals the line will look, the better the connectivity will be, but this is not exactly the case. The SIM lines appearing in the smartphone show the distance between your smartphone and the closest tower.
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Smartphone Myths, Top 7 Biggest Smartphone Myths

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