Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android

Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android

Who does not use smartphones in today's time Most people use smartphones. There are many such calls coming to our phones that we want to record. there are calls that are related to fraud, such calls are required to be recorded so that we can later present the record as evidence. Many smartphone companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus have Call Recording Apps / Feature, but many smartphones do not provide call recording apps. If you also want to record your smartphone calls, then this article will prove to be very helpful for you.

Top 03 Best Call Recording Apps

Today we will talk about the top 3 best call recording apps and their features. With the call recording application mentioned in this post, you can easily record calls in your smartphone. All these Call Recording apps can be downloaded from the Play store.

1.Cube Call Recorder ACR 

(Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android)

The first call recording software is the Cube Call Recorder. In this you will find many good features, the most important thing about this application is that you can record calls to your WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram etc. Let's look above its features.

  • Automatically record - This application can record automated calls.
  • Exclusion list - Any contact who does not want to record calls can create lists.
  • Sound quality - The sound quality of the call recording is better.
  • Supports - This application supports many applications, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram etc.
  • No Ads - In this application, you will not be able to see any kind of advertisement which is a good thing in itself.
Despite having many good features in this application there are some drawbacks that are given below.
  • Many smartphones do not record calls to WhatsApp, Skype, Vibes, Line, Telegram etc.
  • Jio4GVoice does not support applications.
  • This application is not completely free to buy its premium feature to buy.

2.Automatic Call Recorder

(Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android)

Automated call recorder applications are a simple and awesome call recording application. In this application, you will find all the features that should be in a call recorder application. The most important thing about this application is that you can save your call recordings directly in your cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Let's take a look at the features of this application.
  • Cloud storage - You can save your recorded call in the cloud storage and save your smartphone's storage.
  • Share - In this application, you get the option of sharing call records.
  • Filters - You can filter your contact list, which means that you can choose according to which contact's calls are to be recorded and which of the contacts do not record the call.
Apart from these features, more useful features will be seen in this application. Now talk about some of the disadvantages of this application-
  • This application does not work on some smartphones.
  • In this application, you will see ads, but you can upgrade to Pro version and delete the ad.

3.Call Recorder - ACR

(Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android)
You can also use the "Call Recorder - ACR" application to make call recording. In this application, you will also find many amazing features. Let's look at some of their key features -
  • password - In this application, you get the option to enter a password so that no one other than you can listen to your call records.
  • Recycle Bin - You get the feature of Recycle Bin in this application, with the help of this feature you can bring back the deleted recorded records.
In addition to these features, many more features will be seen. Let us now know about some drawbacks of this application -
  • In this application, you will get to see the advertisement.
  • You can use many useful and amazing features only after you become a premium user.
We tell you about the 03 Best Call Recording Apps in this article. Now you can do whatever you want to use according to your smartphone. I hope that the Call Recording Apps I mentioned that you like. If you liked this article, please shares in social media.
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