What is HDR mode? When and where should it be used?

hi everyone welcomes to our blog technical hint. today we are going to talk about What is HDR mode? When and where should it be used?.

Friends, when we take photographs from the camera, we have seen the option of HDR mode there, many of us will also use that option, but many people do not know this ... now let see what HDR mode is? When should it be used? And when should not be used?

What is the HDR mode?

HDR's full form is High Dynamic Range.
Now before knowing High Dynamic Range, let's know what is Dynamic Range.
Look, when we are taking a photo in such a situation, where some part of the photo comes in the light and some part comes in the shadow. What happens in such a situation, the part which comes in the light becomes very bright, and the part which comes in the shadow comes very darkly.
This means that you do not get to see more details on both sides. Because our camera does not capture at least the level of light and cannot properly capture the maximum level, this happens due to not having much Dynamic Range of Camera.

How Does HDR Mode Work?

Whenever you take a photo on HDR mode, your camera captures 3 photos instead of one.
A photo which is of a normal condition.
In the second, your camera exposure means taking photographs by increasing the brightness, so that the details of the dark part are found in the photo.
And in the third, your camera takes a very low amount of exposure to take photos, so that you can get the details of the part which is shining too much.
As you see these photos ...
How Does HDR Mode Work

The photo has been taken to increase the exposure in the first photo so that the details of the tower in the dark part are being found properly.
Photo taken by reducing the exposure in the second photo is reduced, which is also getting the details of the back sky in the bright lighted parts.
And when these photos get attached to each other, then the final result gets very amazing, in which we get to see in the above photo.

When should HDR mode be used?

When we are taking a photo, two different light levels are seen, that means some part of the photo is in the light and some part comes in the shadow, then the HDR mode should be used.
Like this photo ...
When should HDR mode be used?

When Should not  HDR mode be used?

When you are taking photos of any moving object, you should not use HDR mode.

Like these photos ...
When HDR mode Should not be used.

Because like I told you that HDR mode captures 3 photos.
So long as the camera will take those 3 photos, the moving object will move forward and your photo will get spoiled.
Secondly, you should not use HDR mode even when the light is very low.
Because when the photo is taken down by reducing the exposure, the light will be less captured and the details will not be seen properly.
Thank you... I hope you like our article on What is HDR mode? When and where should it be used?. if you think I missed something or there is something wrong in this article then say it in a comment. and share with your friends

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