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Facebook feature that allows users to block unwanted comments

Facebook has decided to add unwanted comments feature specifically to prevent online fraudulent comments. Block Unwanted comments Social media platform Facebook is going to add another new feature. With this feature, you will be able to block any unwanted comments. Facebook has decided to add unwanted comments feature specifically to prevent online fraudulent comments. According to recently releasedreport, adding this feature will allow you to block as many words, rows or emoji used in any comments by the user on your wall.
These days, people have started using not only crappy slings on social media, but people also trouble people by making unsolicited comments. With the addition of this new feature, the user will have the right to what comments they want to see on their wall and which is not. If you find any word or phrase (row) as unsightly or inefficient, you will be able to block the comment along with this word. 
In this way, you can use this feature to block any comments made on yo…

The major step towards polio vaccination

A new technique has been designed to fight polio disease, which can prove to be very effective. One of the biggest problems of vaccination of polio is that  we have to freeze its old vaccine. But now scientists have prepared a vaccine that is vaccinated without any freezing for four weeks. Scientists have prepared vaccine to eradicate polio, which is not needed to be kept in the fridge. It can also be taken in remote areas without any hassle. Researchers said that this vaccine applied through injection can be kept in normal temperature for up to four weeks. It is used in combination with water. When it was tested on the rat, it gave effective results against polio infection. Woo Jin Sheen of Southern California University in the U.S. said that keeping the vaccine structure safe from malfunctioning is not a difficult thing. So most scientists do not pay attention to this. He said that no matter how good the medicine or vaccine is, then there is no point until it is sufficiently durable to …

Google removed 13 applications from its Play Store

Google removed apps Google removed 13 applications from its Play Store. The reason behind is that the application was installing malware in the device, after which Google decided to remove them.
According to the information, most of these are gaming apps that have been downloaded to about 5,60,000 Android devices. ESET security researcher Lucas Stefano also tweeted. Stefano has also given information about these apps in his tweets.

There are some applications like truck cargo simulator, extreme car driving, hyper car driving simulator, which have been accused of installing malware. Stefano said in his tweet that there are 2 apps in this app store that were listed in the trending section in Google Play Store. Apart from this, a special thing has also been revealed that all these deleted apps have been developed by developer Luizo O Pinto.
When we open these these apps they force us install APK game centers. According to media reports, after installing the APK, this app display ads when th…

Xiaomi Launches 75 Inch 4K Smart TV Mi TV 4S

MI TV 4S 75 inch Chinese smartphone and smart TV maker Xiaomi launched its Mi TV Series's next  Mi TV 4S. This smart TV has a 75-inch 4K display. This TV is currently launched in China. This smart TV will be competing with South Korean companies LG and Samsung's 4K smart TVs.  premium materials aluminum used in this TV. Come on,Lets tell you about the features and price of this smart TV
First thing to say is that the TV's height is 1026 millimeters, and its weight is 23.5 kilograms (without a base stand). Talk about its screen, it's 75 inches, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Smart TV has very thin bezel from the all four sides. Also in TV you can enjoy 4K quality video. RAM and processorSmart TV has 2GB of RAM and 8GB inbuilt storage. Talking about the processor, the Mali 450 GPU is also included with the QuadCore Cortex A53 CPU. TV supports Android operating system ConnectivityTV has bluetooth, infrared and dual band are equipped with Wi-Fi features. The TV …

OnePlus 6T starts getting OxygenOS 9.0.6 update

Oneplus 6T New update OnePlus 6T is getting another update. This new update is coming with the OxygenOS 9.0.6 version. This update brings many improvements. This improvement has been done in the system, communication, camera department.
Changelog shows that OxygenOS 9.0.6 update brings the improvements in unlocking the device. Along with this, the update also optimized  stand by battery conjugation. Updates come with many bug fixes and improvements. OnePlus has also fixed the problem of  notification from the Google Play Store.
Finally there is another special change done in the update, optimizing the image processing in it. The purpose of this optimization is to increase the camera quality. This update is for the OnePlus 6T Global variant, not T-Mobile. T-Mobile users will have to wait for this update now.
Oneplus 6T Thunder purple edition 
Oneplus recently launched a special edition of this smartphone. This variant was launched in 'Thunder Purple' color. The price of this great …

How to backup your WhatsApp chat in to google drive

How to backup your WhatsApp chatIf you want to backup your Whatsapp data to Google Drive, then you have to follow some easy steps.
Whatsapp users back up their data on Google Drive Here users can save content such as their chats, videos, and messages. To use this feature, users need to connect to Whatsapp and Google account. Whatsapp gives you the option of data backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

You can take backup only on wifi.If you want to backup your Whatsapp data to Google Drive, follow these easy steps below. Data can be backed up automatically and manual base.

Learn How To Automatically Backup Whatsapp Data.
For this, you have to first download the latest version of Whatsapp.Keep in mind that you have to activate Google Drive in your phone.After this, open the Whatsapp app and go to the menu.Now go to Settings and click on chats.Now Tap on Backup to Google Drive on Chat backup page.Then tap on backup frequency.After that, select the Google Account.Your data will be autom…

Mark Zuckerberg made it clear: will not give up on his post

Mark Zuckerberg will not give up
Zuckerberg made it clear in an interview to CNN Business that he is still not thinking about resigning.Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has been demanding a continuous resignation then he made it clear that he is not in the mood to resign. With this, he put a full stop on such news,facebook investors said that he could resign from his post very soon. On Tuesday,  in an interview to CNN , Zuckerberg made it clear that he is not thinking at all about resigning right now. He said that he has no such plan. He said, 'Yes, it is definitely that I will not do this always but I am not thinking about resigning right now.'

Zuckerberg said in the interview, "The controversy over this big issue is justified, but I think we should look towards reality. People who are struggling with these problems know the other side of the incident. He said that he do not run this company, but he is responsible for whatever happens there(really???) Let's s…

Xiaomi will open more than 5000 Mi Home stores in india, 15,000 people will get employment

Xiaomi Home stores Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi continues to dominate the Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi remains the country's number one smartphone brand in the last quarter too. At the launch of Redmi Note 6 Pro on November 22, Manu Kumar Jain, Head of Xiaomi India, told that Redmi Note 5 Pro has become the best-selling phone in the country. At the same time, Jain also said that in the festive season that runs between October 8 to November 9, the company has sold 8.5 million products. Out of which 6 million  smartphones are included and  400k smart TVs.  15,000 people to get employmentManu Kumar Jain told in this event that on 29th October 2018, xiaomi opened more than 500 Mi Home stores. These stores opened in 470 villages of 14 states across the country. Xiaomi has opened these stores in rural India. You can buy xiaomi products from there. The company is going to open more than 5,000 Mi Home stores in rural areas next year. More than 15,000 people will get jobs from thes…

Amazon users Personal information leaked due to technical problems

Amazon information leaked E-commerce website  Amazon's customers' information is leaked online. Amazon give this information to its customers via e-mail. However, in this e-mail they clarified that due to any technical issues, e-mail addresses and personal information of users are leaked. It is not yet clear how many users information leaked  due to this technical issue.

As soon as the e-mail came from the company about leak information. Users asked questions to Amazon via Twitter, saying that nothing has been clear in the e-mail that came from the company.

because of this technical problem of Amazon,not only one country's information  leaked there are Many users of the world, including America, Australia and England, have been affected due to this technical problem.

In an e-mail from Amazon's Customer Care, they said that we are apologize to you because your e-mail address has been released due to any technical problem on the website. This problem has now been fixed. The…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro review

Xiaomi Redmi note 6 proAt the beginning of each year, xiaomi makes the competition in the market by its new Note-Series smartphone. Through its attractive Note-Series, the company always offers an attractive option for customers by introducing the best chipsets at affordable prices. But this year, this story change. On behalf of xiaomi, its multimodal Redmi Note 6 Pro is fully prepared to launch officially in India today. Before the Indian market,Redmi Note 6 Pro launched in Indonesia and Malaysia. Even before the launch in India, we got the chance to use this device and after almost 1 week of use.Let's start the review of xiaomi note 6 pro: What you get in Redmi Note 6 Pro box? Handset10W charging adapterMicro USB cableSoft silicone caseSim ejector toolUser guideXiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality
Talking about design, design for xiaomi has never been a priority, and this sequence is maintained even in the new Redmi Note 6 Pro. No special changes have been made in…

Instagram will eliminate fake followers, likes and comments

On Monday, Instagram said that they will going to eliminate fake followers, likes and comments. This fake follower, likes, and comment make anyone's account as popular as they do not. This happened when Facebook said that we want to convince people that they can believe in these social media platforms. Instagram said on a blog post that recently we have seen how people use a third-party app to make their Instagram pages bigger. From today, we will remove all these fake followers, likes and comments. ' Instagram is using its own software program to do all this. This software will detect such accounts which are making their pages bigger in this way because it is a violation of Instagram's terms.  If someone accidentally linked such an app, then they just have to change their password and everything will be the same as before.they may have to face some trouble with those who do this.

Apple's 3-year old feature is viral on Twitter

The 3-year-old trick that came in Apple's iPhone suddenly got viral on the Internet. There were many people who did not know about this trick. But after being viral they also knew about this trick. A Food Blogger named Crissie Brear-Davis told on a twitter yesterday, In the tweet, he wrote - 'Why dont you told me this trick till today?  " After this the tweet became viral. So far this tweet has been retweeted by 45,463 people and 1,02,248 people also liked it. What is this trick? From this trick, the user can use his space bar as a cursor. While typing on the phone, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to move the cursor to the right place to change the text. For this, you can control the cursor after pressing the space bar for a long time. Actually this feature came in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus three years ago. The name of this feature is 3D Touch. 3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive feature. Along with the cursor, you can also highlight the text by pressing the keyboard for…