Amazon users Personal information leaked due to technical problems


Amazon information leaked 

E-commerce website  Amazon's customers' information is leaked online. Amazon give this information to its customers via e-mail. However, in this e-mail they clarified that due to any technical issues, e-mail addresses and personal information of users are leaked. It is not yet clear how many users information leaked  due to this technical issue.

As soon as the e-mail came from the company about leak information. Users asked questions to Amazon via Twitter, saying that nothing has been clear in the e-mail that came from the company.

because of this technical problem of Amazon,not only one country's information  leaked there are Many users of the world, including America, Australia and England, have been affected due to this technical problem.

In an e-mail from Amazon's Customer Care, they said that we are apologize to you because your e-mail address has been released due to any technical problem on the website. This problem has now been fixed. There is no need to change your account password or make any other changes.

According to Amazon, due to this technical disturbance, no information is available about how many users have been affected. Amazon never say anything about how many customers information leaked. 

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