Facebook feature that allows users to block unwanted comments

Facebook has decided to add unwanted comments feature specifically to prevent online fraudulent comments.

Block Unwanted comments 

Social media platform Facebook is going to add another new feature. With this feature, you will be able to block any unwanted comments. Facebook has decided to add unwanted comments feature specifically to prevent online fraudulent comments. According to recently released report, adding this feature will allow you to block as many words, rows or emoji used in any comments by the user on your wall.

These days, people have started using not only crappy slings on social media, but people also trouble people by making unsolicited comments. With the addition of this new feature, the user will have the right to what comments they want to see on their wall and which is not. If you find any word or phrase (row) as unsightly or inefficient, you will be able to block the comment along with this word. 

In this way, you can use this feature to block any comments made on your wall. Suppose a friend repeatedly turns any matter into a political convergence, then by blocking the comments of that friend you can prevent such unwanted discovery from starting.

However, Facebook is still working on this new feature, it may take some time to roll out. But still there are many such tools in Facebook that you can use as a victim of online boing. First of all, you can remove that friend from your friend list or if your friend tries to contact you through any other friend or post on the wall or chat, you can also block it. Apart from this, you can also report that friend to Facebook.

Facebook added another feature last month, through which you can delete multiple comments simultaneously. This feature of Facebook is currently rolled out for desktop and Android users. This feature will be rolled out for Apple user soon.

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