What is Cyber crime? : Cyber crime prevention

What is Cyber crime

Hi everyone welcome to technical hint. today, I am going to tell you about what is a cyber crime and how to prevent from cyber crime.

Today, we are all connected to some technology in some way. Today, most people use the Internet on a computer or mobile etc. In this way, many people unknowingly make such mistakes which come under Cyber Crime. In today's post, you will learn about cyber crime, how many types it is, and many things.

What is a cyber crime

First of all, we will talk about what is a cyber crime. 
Cybercrime is a crime in which any kind of damage to another person, company, using computers, internet, software, etc." Whether it is to steal personal information or to remove information, remove information.
Miss use of technology under cyber crime, stealing personal information about someone's bank, manipulating someone's information, misusing someone's identity, (like many people make Facebook ID using someone else's identity Let's get cheated online. All these things come under cyber crime.

Common Methods Of Cyber crime

Now learn about some of the methods of cyber crime that are commonly used by cyber-criminals. We should be aware of these methods so we make safe yourself in the future.

Phishing -

This method is most commonly used because it is the simplest way. The id and passwords of any account can be detected by this method. the phishing method is mostly used for the get id and password from any platforms like Facebook, Instagram or other accounts.
the duplicate page of that platform is created. Whenever someone logs in with a duplicate page, its id password reaches the hacker.
Example - If hackers want to hack your Facebook account, they will create the duplicate facebook page and send you a link(discount link or any other offer link) and tell you to login into facebook and when you log in your id and password reach to the hacker. The Facebook id password will go to the hacker and then easily log in to your Facebook account.

Keylogging -

Keylogging method is very dangerous method. In this method, keylogger software is used, keylogger is software that is hidden, In keyboard that you type, it reaches the hacker. Hacker keylogger software can install Locally or Remotely in your computer. In this way hackers can easily steal all your accounts details easily.

Viruses & Warms

All the computer users aware of the viruses. Viruses are also used for the purpose of erasing any data, stealing, and so on. There are many types of viruses that depend on your coding, how they work through entering your computer. There are some viruses and warms that are associated with system files.

AD Clicker

Ad Clicker is a method in which a victim see the ad like you have won I phone 6 clicks to take it, many such advertisements come in. Many users fall in greed and fall into their trap. After this hacker easily accesses his device and take much more information and data is stolen.
There are also many cyber crime methods - like - Email Spoofing, Cyber P * p*nography, Cookie Stealer, Online Gambling.

Cyber crime prevention

Now I am going to tell you some tips About Cyber crime prevention.

Wireless Network

Many times we see the open wifi network on the public place, many users connect their device thinking free. Many hackers easily steal the data using wifi, so do not use free wifi unless you are sure that the wifi you are going to use is secure.

Secure your computer

Always keep your computer safe, always use antivirus in the computer, as well as keeping the antivirus always updated. So that no viruses, Warm etc. enter into your computer or laptop. Always use reputable antivirus.

Virtual keyboard

Whenever you use a public place computer and you have to fill out bank details, always use the virtual keyboard so that no keylogger can know the id password.

Phishing attack

To avoid a phishing attack. see the URL that URL is actually a facebook or any other you want to login account URL or not and always see the HTTPS Status Especially note it during bank-related transactions.
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