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26.8 gamers in India by 2018, 10 million more likely to grow in the next four years: More than 4500 crore market

Indian Gaming community Report
In India, the craze for mobile gaming is increasing now. There are currently 26.9 million gamers in India, whose number is estimated to reach 36.8 million by 2022. This is claimed by the Mobile Marketing Association in its 'Power of Mobile Gaming in India' report. According to the report, in the case of most mobile gamers India has joined the Top 5 countries. It has also been reported that people are spending an average of 45 minutes on average online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, while giving more than one hour to gaming at the same time.

5 big things in reportThe annual revenues of mobile gaming in India are constantly increasing. By 2018 the revenue of mobile gaming in India is $ 64.9 million (about 46.44 billion rupees), which is expected to reach $ 94.3 million (about 67.48 billion rupees) by 2022. The number of gamers in India in 2016 was 20.1 million, which has increased to 26.8 million in 2018. These numbers are expected to r…

Microsoft working on a browser like Google Chrome will replace Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft released its new browser 'Microsoft Edge' with Windows 10 in 2015, but now the company has started preparing to shut down this browser. According to the report of Windows Central , Microsoft is working on a new browser just like the Google Chrome browser. The report says that the company can launch it next year.
Edge will replace by the new browser in Windows 10Windows Central has written in its report, "Microsoft is going to close Edge HTML and instead Chromium is working on a new web browser powered by it." Chromium is a web engine, which is also used in the Google Chrome browser.According to this report, Microsoft has codenamed 'Anaheim' of this project and this browser will replace an Edge Browser in Windows 10.Internet Explorer came 23 years ago
Microsoft released the 'Windows Internet Explorer' Web browser in 1995 with Windows 95. Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser since 2002-2003 and it had 95% of its users worldwide.But…

Facebook Announces Stricter Controls On Political Ads

Facebook, facing allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential elections, has made changes in its policy regarding the next Lok Sabha elections in India next year. Facebook has informed in a blog post on Thursday that advertisers will have to identify their identity and location to run political advertisements on Facebook-Instagram during Lok Sabha elections. Facebook claims that this will prevent foreign interference in elections.
Have to provide advertisers Name
Facebook's Product Manager Sarah Clark Skiff said in a blog post: "We are going to make new changes regarding the political advertisement shown on Facebook-Instagram. Before that we had made this change during the US, Brazil and the UK elections and Now our next step is on the elections in India. 
The blog post further states, "The direct impact of this change will be on the political advertisements of Lok Sabha elections in India next year." Now, if any person wants to run on the advertisement o…

Samsung and Verizon will launch a 5G smartphone together in the first 6 months of 2019

South Korean company Samsung and American telecom company Verizon announced the launch of 5G phones on Monday. This phone will be launched in the first 6 months of 2019, although initially it will be sold in the US only. Both companies can present 5G phone concept in the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology event  in Hawaii this week. 
This smartphone will work on Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform, with Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem and antenna modules.
HOW 5G is more powerful then 4G
The 5G mobility service will get much bandwidth and fast connectivity and when it starts completely, users will get a much faster downloading speed than the existing 4G LTE network.
Brien Higgins, Vice President of Wireless Device and Product Marketing in Verizon, said that '5G phones will be in the new round of mobile connectivity. This will give users an experience of connecting data, which was never thought of. '
At the same time, Justin Dennison, Senior Vice President of Mobile Product Strategy and Marke…

Cyber ​​attack on Quora, data of about 10 million people stolen

Quora data hack
The questioning website Quora has recently suffered from cyber attacks in which data of about 10 million people has been stolen. Quora's CEO Adam Di Angelo wrote a blog post. In this post, he told that a hackers reached their system and steals people's data. The company had detected the cyber attack on November 30 after which the matter was started.
CEO Adam Di Angelo said that our internal security team is working on this. And our team inform the people via email whose accounts has been affected.
What type of information did hackers steal?
Account Information:Name, Email Address, Encrypted Password.Public Content and Action:Questions, Answers, Comments and UpvotsNon-Public Content and Action:Answers Request, Downvotes and Direct MessagesHow Quora users to avoid data theft According to the company, Quora users change their account password to avoid such data theft. Apart from this, users can also delete their account. But while deleting the account, keep in mind tha…

India To Have 830 Mn Smartphones By 2022 : Cisco VNI 2018 Report

In India, the number of smartphone users by 2022 is estimated to reach 82.9 million, which is about 40 million by 2017. Cisco has given this information in its 'Visual Networking Index' report. According to Cisco's report, in 2017, Internet traffic is 17% on smartphone, which is expected to reach 44% by 2022. At the same time internet traffic on the computer will come down to just 19%.
Average Global Internet Speed ​​was 8.7Mbps by 2017, which will increase to 28.5Mbps by 2022, the global speed of Wi-Fi connection is also doubled to 54.2Mbps Most Internet users will be in IndiaAccording to Cisco's report, most of the smartphone users in the world will be in India. By 2017 357 million people in India use the Internet, which is only 27% of the world's population. But by 2022, the number of Internet users in India will be more than 84 crores, which means that 60% internet users worldwide will be Indian. Speed ​​of mobile internet will also increaseAccording to the report…

Best Pubg mobile emulator: How to use it

Hi everyone welcome to technical hint. Today we are talking about a best pubg mobile emulator. Many people like to play PUBG MOBILE game in their computer because we play better in computers as well as computer screens are much larger than mobile, If you also have a computer and you also want to enjoy PUBG Mobile on your computer, then this article is for you. To play PUBG Mobile in the computer, we need Emulator, you will find many Pubg mobile emulator on the internet but many of them do not work well so today we are going to tell you about  official Pubg mobile emulator in this article. Tencent Gaming Buddy(Best Pubg mobile emulator)
If you want to play PUBG Mobile on your computer, then you should use its official Pubg Mobile emulator.We all know that this game has been created by a tencet company.This company has created an emulator for window user, whose name is Tencet Gaming Buddy , which is used for play PUBG Mobile game.The best thing about this emulator is that it is in vary smal…

Toyota's T-HR3 humanoid robot is now equipped with 5G

Toyota's T-HR3 humanoid robotThe Japanese company Toyota introduced a new version of its hymenoid T-HR3. This robot has been designed with the help of 5G technology and it is specially designed to help humans and it can be used in hospitals other than home. According to Toyota, in the coming time, it can also be used in space. It can be controlled from 10 km awayAccording to Toyota, the robot can be controlled from 10 kilometers away from helping 5G Communications. To control this robot, the 'Master ManuWaring system' has been used, which helps the robot to move like a human through sensor. For this, movable arms and several sensors have been installed in a large chair, on which the human operator will control it. According to Toyota, these robots are capable of imitating humans as well. If the human operator stands on one foot, then this robot will also stand on one foot. How Toyota's T-HR3 humanoid robot works
Toyota's H-TR3 Humanianoid Robot Master Manuvering Syste…