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Facebook, facing allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential elections, has made changes in its policy regarding the next Lok Sabha elections in India next year. Facebook has informed in a blog post on Thursday that advertisers will have to identify their identity and location to run political advertisements on Facebook-Instagram during Lok Sabha elections. Facebook claims that this will prevent foreign interference in elections.

Have to provide advertisers Name

  • Facebook's Product Manager Sarah Clark Skiff said in a blog post: "We are going to make new changes regarding the political advertisement shown on Facebook-Instagram. Before that we had made this change during the US, Brazil and the UK elections and Now our next step is on the elections in India. 

  • The blog post further states, "The direct impact of this change will be on the political advertisements of Lok Sabha elections in India next year." Now, if any person wants to run on the advertisement of politics related to Facebook or Instagram, The location information must be provided. "

  • Sara said, "Under the new policy, political advertisements that run on Facebook-Instagram will have to be written by political advertisements so that people can know it and the name of the advertiser will be written as well. However, these policies are on news publishers Will not apply. "

  • According to Facebook, new changes to show political advertisements have come into effect since Friday. Verification can also be done on Friday to show ads.

These two changes made by Facebook

  • When advertisements related to politics are shown on Facebook or Instagram, the advertiser's name will also appear in the disclaimer below. Also the name of the person giving the advertisement will also be shown.

  • Apart from this, political advertising will be stored in 'Ed Library' for up to 7 years so that this access can be seen later.

Verification will be done this way

Facebook, Instagram Have A Plan To Ensure Transparent Elections

  • In order to show political advertisements on Facebook-Instagram, advertisers will be able to verify their identity and location through identity proof issued by the Government of India (PAN card, voter card, passport or license).

  • For this, the advertiser can log on to his mobile phone or computer and give his identity and location information. To get verification via mobile, download the updated app.

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