How to Get McDonald’s Franchise in your area

Open McDonald’s Franchise

Hi friends everyone like McDonald's burger and we eat it from nearest McDonald's restaurants.if you want to open McDonald's franchises then this article is really helpful for you. So let's start with this article and know How to Get McDonald’s Franchise.

Sort History Of McDonald's 

McDonald's history

In 1940 mc brothers opened Barbeque restaurant then they introduced hamburger .later they realized that they are getting more profits from Hamburgers  .after that it has grown into the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants on the earth.

First Mc Donald's hamburger restaurant opened on April 15, 1955, at North Lee Street in Des Plaines near Chicago.

How to Apply For McDonald's Franchise?

You have to Fill Application Form  (You can easily Find Application Form From Google ).

In which you need to give your Name, Address, Number And E-Mail.

Once they accept Your Application They will Call You For The Interview In which they will Ask about Your Intrest, Qualification, and Work.

After getting approval From Mcdonald's representative you can start the process to get Macdonald's Franchise.

Documents you need to open McDonald's:

you Have to read FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) First. FDD consist of 375 pages. In which MC Donald's owners have given All the Rules and Regulation Regarding  Franchise.


Startup cost :$9,50,000 to $2M . 
Liquid Assent : $7,50,000.
Franchise Fee :$45,000.

You need to pay 40% of the money of total cost first but there is a condition, it should come from non -borrowed personal resources.

But for Equipment expenses, you can apply for a loan.

Monthly fees

Its Depends on total sales of the Restaurant. According to rules monthly fee is 4% of monthly sales


Monthly base rent is a percentage of the monthly sale.
Now Mc Donald's serves 68M  customers in 119 countries.

Interesting facts about McDonald's

1.McDonald"s employs 1.8M people
2. The golden arch logo  was introduced first in 1953 
McDonald's is famous for the Slogan "I m loving it"
3. 70 countries do not have McDonald's restaurant 
Whereas Mc Donald's serves 68M customers in 119 countries
4. Do you know, The Queen Elizabeth Owns McDonald's Franchise In London
 queen Elizabeth Owns Mcdonal's Franchise In london

5. Celebrities who worked at McDonald's restaurant. Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Rachel Mcadams

Countries with Max Number of McDonald's restaurants 

1 United States - 14,146 outlets
2 Japan -2975
3 China - 2391
4 Germany -1470
5 Canada - 1450
6 France - 1419
7 U.k - 1274
8 Australia - 920
9 Brazil -812
10 Russia - 609

I hope you like our article on how to open McDonald's franchises. Share with your friends thank you.


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