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If you download YouTube videos then you can watch and enjoy them without an internet connection, it is the best way to keep your self entertain at places with no internet access like a train, planes, bus, etc.

Downloading YouTube videos is also great if you have an internet plan with a limited data allowance. You can download them to your phone using your home Wi-Fi, and watch them without a data connection.

There are many ways to download youtube videos but the best way to download it via save from application.

Note: download video from youtube is illegal. this article only for educational purpose.

Youtube video download 

If you want to download youtube video then you need one software called Saveform. download link is given below 

Now time to download youtube video

Step 1: Open save form application.

Step 2: Copy the link of the youtube video 

step 3: paste the video link and click on the resolution that you want to download.

You can see in these videos that how to download youtube videos easily. there are many other applications are there for download youtube videos but I mostly prefer saveform Application.

Applications for download youtube videos

1. videoder
2. tubemate
3. keepVid
4. Snaptube
5. Instube
6. YT3 youtube downloader
7. new pipe

Download facebook, Instagram, Youtube and any other video

These are the application form where you can download your youtube videos. I hope you like the article on download youtube videos. Share it with your friends.


  1. Maybe, nowadays SnapTube is the best application for downloading videos and audios from any video sharing sites. I use it for downloading movies on my phone...


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