28 Interesting facts about Water

Hi everyone today I am sharing the information of 28 Interesting facts about Water.In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly named March 22 as the first water day And this is a good reason. We are nothing but Water. Water is one of the most important things in the world. However, 1/100 only Water comes in the use of humans. However, March 22 is considered a water day, but this is an important thing which should be celebrated daily by Jashan. Here we will tell about some of the rocking facts that you may not know about Water.

1.  Water-related deaths cause 34 lakh deaths every year.

2. In some areas of Africa and Asia, people have to walk up to 6 km of Water.

3.  A single flush of a toilet uses the maximum 6 litres of pure Water.

4.  Nearly 70 crore people from China drink contaminated Water.

1.  Out of every nine people, one does not have the source of better Water.

6.  Only 1% of the water present in the world is enough to drink.

7.  Human bone is made of 31% water.

8.  Cold Water is heavy with hot Water.

9.  90% of the pure Water in the world is in Antarctica.

10.  Floating in space is a reservoir which is more than 140 Trillion times the sea of the world.

11. The average amount of Water used in a house is 2/3 of part used in the bathrooms.

12.  Drinking too much Water can lead to addiction to Water.

13.  20% of the world’s accumulated pure Water is in the same lake: Russia’s Lake Baikal.

14.  Under some circumstances, hot Water is freezing from cold Water.

15.  2900 Gallons (about 11,000 litres) of Water is used to make a pair of jeans.

16. The  Expiration Date on the bottle of Water is for the bottle and not for Water.

17.  A giraffe can survive more than a camel without Water.

18.  The world record is 22 minutes to stop breathlessness in the Water.

19.  Only about 0.003 per cent of Water on the earth can be used by humans.

20. Our skin has 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even 31% of the Water in bones.

21.  10 H2O Molecules, which is ten drops of Water, is stem tiles in the universe, equals it.

22. The  US uses less Water than the US used in the 1970s.

23.  Scientists believe that cats are afraid of Water because their ancestors lived in a place where there was a lack of large bodies and due to which they did not have to learn to swim.

24. In an average shower, there is a loss of about 75 litres of Water.

25.  About 37 gallons (140 litres) of Water is used to grow coffee beans and make a cup of coffee.

26.  Cotton, which is used to make a T-shirt contains 2700 litres of Water.

27.  So far, no more than 1 billion people have access to pure Water.

28. It takes ten times more energy to heat the Water than heating the iron.

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