7 Best Instagram Tools & Apps For Shopify

Instagram is highly used for marketers and businesses to maximize their reach, brand visibility, increase user engagement and ultimately see growth in their sales numbers. 

To achieve the mentioned results, marketers and eCommerce brands on Shopify have adopted a few marketing strategies, including embedding their Instagram content on their brand websites. 

Embedding has become a new marketing strategy for brands to promote their businesses more through their website by increasing the dwell time of visitors and attracting maximum engagement from them. 

While many tools and apps are available for Shopify brands to embed their Instagram feed, businesses often get confused about choosing the right platform. 

Make your way to the end of the blog as we shall be explaining the Best 7 Instagram tools and apps for Shopify, and are sure that by the time you reach the end of the blog, you would have made up your mind about which platform to choose.

Let’s delve right into the blog now! 

Top 7 Instagram Tools & Apps For Shopify

1. Taggbox Widget

Topping the list is Taggbox Widget, the Best User-Generated Content platform that enables users to seamlessly collect the Instagram feed, curate it and embed it on Shopify. 

Taggbox widget lets the users select their connection type before collecting the feed. In addition, they have the option to choose from the username, hashtags, etc.

After collecting the feed, users can customize the widget by adjusting the width and height of the widget, selecting layouts, themes, colours, fonts, and overall make the widget more attractive and according to the website. 

The users can utilize the moderation panel on the widget editor section and remove any nasty content using the profanity filter. Additionally, they have the option to highlight the content they want, add banners and CTA accordingly. 

It assures the topmost quality of content in the widget. In addition, Taggbox Widget also offers the option of gaining insightful analytics using the analytics feature. This way, the users can keep track of the overall performance of the widget and get to know about the total impressions, the number of clicks, the number of people who visited the widget, and other crucial details. 

Taggbox gives its users a free trial initially, and the users can upgrade to a premium package later on. 

2. OnlyPult

If you are looking for a Shopify App that can help you track your competitors’ posting and ultimately work on your content, then the OnlyPult app is the solution for you.

Apart from uploading and scheduling the content, OnlyPult also gives you insight into your competitor’s posts, guides you about the best time, and tells you about the most trending hashtags. 

Moreover, the app keeps you updated about the number of subscribers you have gained. 

3. Soldsie

This simple set-up tool generates clicks and brings in more traffic to your eCommerce store. In addition, with integration with Shopify, this tool lets the users tag multiple products in an image. 

The tool helps the users drive the traffic towards the products pages, leading to an increase in generating more leads and sales. 

4. Gleam 

This is a fantastic app to conduct contests and campaigns on Instagram, and you can go ahead with the Gleam app. 

It supports over 25 languages, the app works well and effectively increases build a brand presence and gains followers and customers. 

5. TapShop

This tool easily integrates your eCommerce store with your Instagram account. Being a user-friendly tool, it redirects the users directly to the product page after clicking on the product. It lets the users tag multiple products into the post also.

The downside is it doesn’t show any product pricing on the website. 

6. Incent Social

Using this tool, users can easily create an embedded gallery for their website. Moreover, users can highly leverage User-Generated Content and embed it into their website easily using this tool. 

This way, the tool uses customer marketing as content and uses it on the website to increase engagement. 

7. Social Media Stream

Another efficient tool that lets users stream their content from various social media platforms, including Instagram, is Social Media Stream. It is the perfect tool to use to up your marketing game for your eCommerce marketing strategy. 

The tool is easy to set up and can easily integrate your Instagram account with your Shopify store to boost your business’s sales. 

Wrapping It Up

We have concluded, and as promised earlier, we are sure you must have gained a clear understanding of the best 7 Instagram tools and apps for Shopify. 

When integrated with the Shopify store, Instagram can drastically help eCommerce businesses improve their brand presence and visibility. Since you know about the Top 7 tools and apps, we would advise you to get going and use the best fit right away!

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