Adobe Photoshop ARM beta version released for macOS, Windows

Adobe Photoshop ARM beta version released for macOS, Windows

Adobe Photoshop is finally getting an ARM version as the company started releasing a beta version for macOS and Windows. This first version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon will provide many basic Photoshop functions that can be used by devices that work with the M1 chip recently launched by the Cupertino company, such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini. It will also work with Surface Pro X models that have at least 8GB of RAM and Windows 10 build 19041.488.

This will be the first beta launching Photoshop running natively on Apple Silicon and Windows ARM devices. The beta software is not yet officially supported by Adobe. Some features are not yet available for both Mac OS and Windows in this version of Photoshop, but Adobe stated that they will be added soon.

Features like Camera Raw, Healing Brush, Focus Area, Auto Blend Layers, Patch Tool, Vibration Reduction and more are not present in this beta, for both Mac OS and Windows. Importing photos from Lightroom via the home screen doesn’t work either. Some features are present but with limitations or bugs, such as 3D-related features, stroke pixel resizing, and filter gallery features.

Adobe noted that several features of the beta version of Photoshop as selected subject, object-aware matting, object selection, and high-scale detail preservation 2.0 were running slower on native M1 devices, but will be optimized over time.

If the update is not available in the beta section of the Creative Cloud Desktop app (assuming you have ARM qualified hardware), you can manually search for it by clicking Help> Check for updates. If this still doesn’t appear, Adobe said users should try logging out and then logging back into the Creative Cloud Desktop app.


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