Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deal offers up to 50 percent discount on international brands

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deal offers up to 50 percent discount on international brands

The Amazon India Cyber ​​Monday sale is underway with discounts across all categories and brands. You can get discounts on headphones, game controllers, drawing tablets, projectors, and more. The Cyber ​​Monday sale, as the name suggests, will only be valid for today and marks the last day of the Black Friday sales that began on November 27. Customers can get up to 50 percent discount on top international brands like Ecovacs, Akaso, Tribit, Huion, Nibosi, Sojos, and more.

Cyber ​​Monday offer from Amazon India

Amazon India offers up to 50 percent off international brands during its Cyber ​​Monday sale. If you are looking for a gaming headset or headset, the OneOdio Pro-10 is available for Rs. 1,950, the OneOdio Pro-50 for Rs. 3,600, the Yinyoo KZ ZSN PRO in-ear headphones for Rs. 1,749 and the Rockpapa I20 in-ear headphones which come in two color options for Rs. 1,577. The Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones are priced at Rs. 3,599.

The Eksa E900 gaming headset is available for Rs. 2,050 and the OneOdio A71 gaming headsets cost Rs. 2,399. These are limited-time offers and will end in approximately 12 hours.

In terms of graphics tablets or drawing pads, the Veikk A15 Pro is priced at Rs. 6,005, the Veikk A50 is priced at Rs. 5693, the Huion H950P drawing graphics tablet is priced at Rs. 4,199, and the OSU Veikk S640 6×4-inch graphics tablet with battery-free stylus can be purchased for Rs. 2,519. For a more advanced experience, the Huion Pro 16 is available for Rs. 33,999.

There are various discounts on USB cables, replacement ear pads, car accessories, USB adapters, and more.

The Oraimo SoundPro-2C 10W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is priced at Rs. 999. The Oraimo Tempo-S IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch is priced at Rs. 2,399, and the same brand’s Necklace-2C in-ear neckband wireless headphones are priced at Rs. 999. The Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker costs Rs. 4,799.

Also, you can get discounts on accessories for mobile devices and tablets like cases, screen protectors, USB adapters and more.


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