Amazon Music now lets you see behind-the-scenes trivia for songs

Amazon Music now lets you see behind-the-scenes trivia for songs

Amazon Music is expanding its X-Ray feature to let you see some interesting behind-the-scenes trivia and trivia for your favorite songs. Importantly, X-Ray is not a completely new feature in Amazon Music as it also previously existed, to automatically display the lyrics line by line when the song is played. However, the music streaming service has expanded the existing feature to provide details on particular songs. X-Ray has been a prominent feature on Kindle and Amazon Prime Video for quite some time to provide additional details on available content.

The X-Ray expansion is available worldwide in the “tens of millions” of songs listed in Amazon Music, with some additional “fun facts” for popular songs in the US and UK, such as reported by The Verge.

You can access the trivia and trivia of his songs by swiping up on the Bone scan icon on Amazon Music. After that, you can swipe further up to see each fact or detail available in the X-ray section. You can also touch the Credits to view the credit list associated with the song.

Trivia reportedly includes the artist’s backstory about the time his song was released. It will also offer some trivia on particular tracks available on Amazon Music.

Before the last update, Amazon Music had X-Ray to display lyrics which are displayed and automatically scroll line by line as the song plays.

The expanded X-Ray is rolling out over the air, although you can install the latest Amazon Music app on your Android or iOS device to get the updated experience.

Amazon’s new attempt will help distinguish Amazon Music from Spotify and YouTube Music, which are also a popular choice among music lovers around the world. In September, the American giant added podcast streaming to Amazon Music to persuade podcast listeners. The service has more than 55 million subscribers worldwide, according to official data provided in January.


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