Apple confirms that MagSafe charger could leave a mark on iPhone 12 cases

Apple confirms that MagSafe charger could leave a mark on iPhone 12 cases

Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging feature launched alongside the iPhone 12 series earlier this month is expected to have far-reaching benefits that Moto Mods failed to deliver. MagSafe is touted as a game changer for accessory makers, and a colorful assortment of magnetic cases, wallets, and chargers are already on the market. Apple, naturally, has created a new support page to inform users about how to better use their new devices and their cool magnetic charger. And one of its few caveats is that the charger can leave a circular impression on some iPhone 12 cases and accessories.

The fact that the charger can make its mark iPhone 12 accessories receives a mention in small print in the Apple support page. It’s especially annoying because Apple had glorified MagSafe’s ability to charge phones with the covers on. And although the support page says that the potential issue is only with the leather cases, a user had also shared a image on MacRumors stating that the MagSafe charger had left its circular impressions in a silicone casing in just one day of use. It’s only been three days since the iPhone 12 became available.

Apple has also warned users not to put things like credit cards, security credentials, passport, etc., between their phones and the MagSafe charger. It says this could damage the magnetic strips and RFID chips on the cards. The page also says that the new pressure chargers could get hot and that the software could limit the charge to 80 percent in the event of overheating.

In other news particularly damaging to the iPhone 12 series released on October 14, a report published by TechSina quotes a blogger who claims that some iPhone 12 units displayed in a store in China had their paintings peeled off. The report included images of the blogger to back up the claim. However, the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had a flood of people in stores in China on Friday, October 23, and the report speculated that frequent touches would be the reason for the terrible state of the phone.

Separately, informant Max Weinbach He said the glass back of his new iPhone 12 Pro had been broken for no apparent reason, though received a replacement from Apple. in a most recent tweet, looked at the scratches seen on demo units at a T-Mobile store.


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