Apple Reveals New Game Controls SDK and UI

Apple Reveals New Game Controls SDK and UI

Apple is working on introducing a virtual game controller user interface for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS, and tvOS. Apple is also expanding support for physical game controllers to the likes of leading game developers. The controller will make it easy to capture images and videos from iOS devices while gaming. This announcement was made at the State of the Apple Platforms Union, which took place after the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple also announced that it will also be easier to customize the controls.

Apple Announced the new user interface on its State of the Union Platform. An engineer discussed the following while revealing the From Apple game controller user interface, “These new onscreen controls for iPhone and iPad look amazing, and are carefully tuned for grip locations on all hand sizes and for great responsiveness and feel. They’re easy to add to your application and act fairly like a game controller. Instead of writing your own on-screen overlay user interface and translating the touch inputs into your game input system, these on-screen controls appear in your code as the objects GCController from the game controller framework, so its input logic can remain much more consistent. “

Apple is also using ReplayKit to allow users to quickly capture the last 15 seconds of gameplay by long pressing the share button. The engineer also mentioned: “As I showed you above, the system gestures for capturing media are a double press to capture a screenshot on the reel and a long press to start and stop a ReplayKit recording. This year, we are adding a cool new type of media capture, 15-second highlights. So now, instead of having to remember to start and stop recording, players can turn on automatic background buffering, which it will allow you to save the last 15 seconds of play at any time. long press. “

The engineer also mentioned that it will be possible to customize the controller with your own symbols, as integration has become easier with the developer’s game color and style. “They fit a variety of layouts depending on whether you want a single button, three buttons, or a D-pad and multiple buttons,” said the Apple engineer. “The fundamental principle of the on-screen controller is that the left and right regions are configured independently and the layout is determined based on the configuration.”

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