Apple said it will face shortage of power chips for iPhone 12

Apple said it will face shortage of power chips for iPhone 12

Apple is grappling with a shortage of vital chips that manage power consumption in iPhone models and other devices, people with knowledge of the matter said, complicating its ability to meet holiday demand for the latest version of its flagship device.

It is not clear to what extent the bottleneck can limit iPhone availability during its crucial launch quarter, typically From Apple busier. Despite the shortfall, providers are likely to prioritize Cupertino, California-based Apple and its hungry iPhone 12 about other customers lining up for rare pieces, said the people, who asked not to be identified to discuss private matters.

Increasing demand for silicon in a range of products and supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 they are the main causes of the shortage, according to the people. Apple’s leading chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing in Taiwan said in october that 5G smartphones require 30 to 40 percent more chip content 4G. That and uncertainty about the course of the pandemic are prompting customers to cache components out of fear that they will run out, especially after major smartphone makers Huawei it had been heavily stocked before the September deadline for US sanctions.

Storage compounds are lingering problems in a global electronics industry that is still reeling from ongoing closures that hampered transportation routes and isolated factory workers earlier this year. The outages are expected to persist for the next two quarters, the people said.

Power management is more important on the iPhone 12 than its predecessors due to the additional camera features and 5G capabilities, increasing Apple’s need for these components. It recently launched four 5G models and analysts are expecting strong consumer demand for the devices. During a recent conference call with analysts, Apple’s CEO Tim cook warned of supply limitations for iPhone 12, Mac, iPad and something Apple watch models, though it didn’t specifically mention power management chips.

The iPhone supply problems “are not a surprise” because Apple has just started ramping up production, the CEO said. “It is difficult to predict” how long the supply restrictions will last, he added. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Apple has several vendors of power management chips, according to a recent teardown of I fix it. the iPhone 12 Pro uses a component from Texas Instruments to control the power to the camera system, along with a similar chip from STMicroelectronics NV and one from Qualcomm for 5G modem.

There is also an Apple designed power management part in this phone. In 2018, Apple acquired technology and other assets from Dialog Semiconductor Plc for $ 600 (approximately Rs. 4.5 billion) million to build its own power management chips.

The disruption in iPhone production comes amid questions about Apple’s ability to drive demand for its newest device in China, following its worst quarterly revenue performance since 2014. Investors worry the company is losing momentum to local rivals like Huawei and Xiaomi in one of its most critical markets.

In the US, a review of Apple’s website shows that new orders for the iPhone 12 Pro won’t reach customers until late November or early December, while the regular iPhone 12 shows no delay. Many iPad models show delivery between mid-November and the end of the month, while some Apple Watch models show delivery times in late November.



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