Apple Silicon-based MacBook models to launch in Q2 2021: report

Apple Silicon-based MacBook models to launch in Q2 2021: report

Apple has reportedly placed its initial 25 lakh production order for MacBook laptops that are powered by the rumored internal CPU. Vendors are asked to meet the requirements by early 2021. Like the iPhone, Apple is looking to introduce internal silicon central processing units to its MacBook range of notebooks. A report suggests that new MacBook models powered by the internal CPU may launch in the second quarter of next year. Apple will also host an event on November 10 in which new MacBook models are anticipated.

In its report, Nikkei Asia stated that Apple will not introduce new MacBooks powered by Apple’s anticipated silicon before Q2 2021. Apple has asked vendors to produce 25 lakhs of MacBook laptops with the new CPU by early 2021. This refutes a previous report which claimed that Apple’s new silicone-based MacBook laptops would be launched at the November 10 event. Apple may confirm the arrival of these new devices at the event, but availability for next year is now reported.

The report suggests that initial production orders for the first MacBook laptops equate to nearly 20 percent of total MacBook shipments for 2019 which reached 1.26 million units. Apple plans to replace Intel microprocessors with its own CPU which is said to be based on the company’s A14 Bionic SoC that is already powering the iPhone 12 series as well as the latest iPad Air models. The report says that Apple seeks to completely eliminate dependence on Intel in the next two years.

Apple’s upcoming MacBook CPUs are reportedly designed in-house but are produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). They are manufactured using TSMC’s 5 nanometer chip manufacturing technology.

Apple has also asked vendors to produce more than 2 million units of iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR phones from October through the end of the year for the holiday shopping season and early next year. This is because the iPhone 12 The models face various supply and production problems due to the pandemic. The report says that older iPhones produced after October will not come with a charger or wired headphones. Additionally, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are reported to have reached the end of their service life and will no longer be produced.

“It’s about time the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max [to stop production]Nikkei Asia reported citing anonymous sources, adding that the two models would “affect sales of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.” The source explained that the iPhone 11 specifications are different enough to avoid that problem.


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