Apple to replace faulty AirPods Pro headphones for free

Apple to replace faulty AirPods Pro headphones for free

Apple will replace the AirPods Pro earbuds for free after the sound issues. The tech giant has confirmed that a small percentage of AirPods Pro units may be faulty and could be experiencing audio issues. These affected units are said to have been manufactured before October 2020, which means that all AirPods Pro units sold throughout last year and this year fall into this group. Apple has introduced a specific service program for these affected users, in which it will offer free replacement of the headphones or fix it, as appropriate.

Apple has published a dedicated page on their support site announcing the new program specifically for the AirPods Pro. This program covers affected AirPods Pro for two years after the unit’s first retail sale. It is applicable worldwide, but does not extend to the standard warranty coverage of the headphones. This service program will target AirPods Pro units making creaking or static sounds. These sounds are reported to increase particularly in noisy environments, during exercise, or while talking on the phone.

Additionally, affected AirPods Pro units may experience buggy active noise cancellation functionality. There may be loss of bass or increased background sounds, such as street or airplane noise. These affected AirPods Pro units will be serviced free of charge. If a replacement is required, it will also be done at no additional cost.

Apple notes that the AirPods Pro case is not affected and is not covered in this program. If you experience any of the problems mentioned above, the tech giant advises users to go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider, make an appointment at an Apple retail store, or contact Apple technical support. AirPods Pro will be screened prior to any service to verify that they are eligible for this program. Once the technician confirms the problem, the AirPods Pro will be replaced. Apple noted that no other AirPods models are part of this program.


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