iOS 14: How to add widgets to the home screen

How to add widgets to the home screen

iOS 14 is available for iPhone 6S and newer iOS devices. In addition to a host of new features like choosing your default browser, app library, picture-in-picture, and more, iPhones run iOS 14 You can also pin widgets to the home screen. The feature has been around on Android smartphones for a few years, but … Read more

How to use the Translate app for fast offline translations in iOS 14

ios 14 translate app

One of the biggest additions in iOS 14 has to be the built-in translation app, which Apple simply calls Translate. While Siri had the ability to deliver translations, the results weren’t as good as a dedicated translation app like Google Translate. However, that changes with Apple’s new Translate app, which offers a variety of features … Read more

How to enable and use the Back Tap feature in Iphone ios 14

back tap iphone

Did you know that your iPhone has a cool hidden feature that allows you to activate certain actions every time you touch the back panel of your phone? For example, you can now take a screenshot by double tapping or open the camera by triple tapping on the back panel of your iPhone. With the … Read more

This cool trick will automatically change your iPhone wallpaper

iOS 14: How to Automatically Change Your iPhone’s Wallpaper

Did you know that you can now automatically change your iPhone wallpaper? Yes, you read that right. With the latest iOS update i.e iOS 14.3, the Shortcuts app now gets wallpaper automation that lets you change your iPhone wallpaper automatically. Follow this guide as we tell you how to automate wallpaper settings on your iPhone. … Read more

Applications that slow down your phone

apps slow downyour phone

Hello friends, welcome to our blog technical hint. Today I’m going to tell you some of the apps that slow down your phone. 8 type of applications that slow down your phone Here we list out all eight types of applications that make your smartphone slow and give you advice about how to fix the … Read more