Artificial Intelligence mixed opinion

Artificial Intelligence mixed opinion

AI Opinions 

AI brings mixed opinions and feelings when mentioned in the context of jobs. Do you think AI will always be a net negative for humanity, or is it something that can help us do better as a species?

In my opinion, humanoids and artificially intelligent robotic systems will help improve our productivity, which in turn helps with our lives. AI has already provided us with many useful services. From medical diagnostics to automated systems for research, AI will be beneficial to society over the next few decades.

However, there are also fears that artificial intelligence could be used to make people slaves, robotic servants, and other horrific things. This is why some believe that we should not have Artificial Intelligence in our lives because it will inevitably lead to a future of misery and loss.

In contrast, those who support the development of artificially intelligent robotic systems argue that we have to learn to live with these intelligent machines. For instance, a robotic gardener can look after the lawns of your house and take care of your plants. It does not want to eat your food, drink your water, or do anything else that will interfere with your life. It only wants to do its job, and by that, I mean taking care of your yard and plants.

When we can live with these artificially intelligent robotic systems, then we can enjoy having them around and be thankful for the things they are doing for us. They will not cause us to lose our jobs and our independence.

Intelligent robotic systems might be able to solve a problem in many ways. For example, if a computer program can detect a fire or flood, it can warn the owner of the property and try to prevent any damage before it happens or at least gives them information about what to do to prevent it from happening.

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Is AI A Job Killer Or Job Creator?

There is no right answer to the question “Is AI A Job Killer Or Job Creator?” that is why it will probably be up to each individual to determine how they feel about this new and futuristic technology. I believe that it is a good thing because more people will get to experience living a fulfilling and meaningful life because of the creation of these intelligent robotic robots.

However, there is also concern that artificially intelligent robotic systems could be dangerous. They might start to attack humans and kill them or use their programming to hurt or rob others.

The sad thing about this is that those who worry the most about artificial intelligent robotic systems are the ones who are losing their jobs as a result of the existence of these robots. These experts feel that people who are afraid of the use of these robots are just being afraid of the future. And who knows what could happen in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it so people will not suffer as a result of the introduction of these robots.

I am not worried about that. I am worried about those who are afraid of the future because they believe it is going to be a nasty one. They have already lost their jobs because they are afraid of the advancement of technology.

We will not see an end to all the wars and violence in the world because humans do not know what is going to happen, but we can look at the past and learn from it and find ways of preventing it. So the lesson here is to be afraid of the future, but not afraid of it.

I hope you will please consider this and think on it because we will probably have many decisions to make regarding the future of technology in the next few years and the way we will use it and whether we are okay or not with it. Please consider this in 2020.


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