Best Android Apps and Games Download Sites in 2022

People have mobile phones, and they use applications to make their lives easier. However, in order to access such apps, we must first download them from app download sites. We are here to assist you with our list of the top websites to download Android Apps and games.

However, while there are several websites that offer an excellent service in terms of app downloads, some of them may result in the installation of malware on your Android smartphone. For this reason, we recommend that you only download applications from well-known and reputable websites, such as those listed below.

Before you proceed to download various Android applications and games from the app store websites we have provided below, make sure that you have granted permission to install apps from unknown sources in the settings of your phone.

Android Apps and Games Download Sites

1. Google Play store

google play store

You might ask why the Google Play Store is included in this list. It is because you can download multiple apps from the Google Play Store’s website, which is why it is included.

The Google Play Store is the most well-known and most often used source for downloading and has a big number of free as well as paid Android applications and games from all over the world. As a result of all of these factors, it is the largest and safest App Store site for the Android platform.

Some applications and games that violate Google Play’s regulations and terms of service are not available for download from the Google Play store.

Headquarters – California, USA.
Owner – Google.
Since – 22 October 2008.

2. CNET Download

CNET Download offers software and apps for download for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, as well as music and movies.

Previously, the site’s domain name was, which has recently been changed to cnet.

For more than two decades, has been a reliable website that offers downloadable software and applications for a wide range of operating systems.

In addition, CNET offers tutorials to assist users in the usage of software and applications.

Headquarters – San Francisco, USA.
Owner – Red Ventures, LLC.
Since – 5th March 1994.

3. Softonic


Softonic is a website established in Spain that distributes apps and software for Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS devices. With more than 100 million monthly users and 4 million downloads. It is a great place for many people to obtain Android applications.

All of Softonic’s apps and games are organized in a very user-friendly layout. The company strives to keep its software up to date as quickly as possible. That is what distinguishes Softonic as one of the greatest sites for downloading the vast majority of games and applications.

By publishing frequent blog articles on their website, Softonic also tries to answer questions about applications and software in general.

Owner – Scott Arpajian
Since – 1997

4. Uptodown

Up to down

If you are having language difficulties, don’t be concerned; simply go to Uptodown, which supports more than 15 different languages and provides downloadable software and apps for Android, Windows, Mac, and other platforms.

Any new application that is added to the Uptodown system is subjected to extensive testing and security checks before being made available for download to the general public.

As an added bonus, Uptodown is also accessible in the Android app, and most of the apps on your phone can be simply updated using this app, making it a perfect alternative to the Play Store.

Owner – Privately Held
Since – December 2002

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5. Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store

We can safely state that Amazon is the most trustworthy place to get applications after Google Play. There are 487083 apps accessible to download from their site.

There is also an Amazon app store that can be downloaded in an Android app format. It’s allows you to download freeware and freemium apps with ease.

One of the unique features of the Amazon app store is the ‘free app a day’ function. It’s allows you to use a purchased app for free for a single day.

Owner – Jeff Bezos
Since – 22 March 2011

6. Apkmirror


Apkmirror is maintained by members of the crew, which is a well-known blog site that publishes articles about Android-related topics.

Some of the most helpful apps, such as Vidmate and gfx tool, violate the Google Play Store’s privacy policies, and as a result, they are not available on the Google Play Store. Apkmirror hosts such apps in bulk and makes them available for download, with the option to download their earlier versions.

7. Malavida


Malavida is a rapidly growing website established in Spain that provides APK applications for download.

The Malavida website is secured by more than 50 antivirus software, which ensures the safety of its visitors. Some applications that are not accessible on the Google Play Store are available for download from here.

Owner – Illogical Robot LLC.
Since – 2014.

8. Apkpure


Apkpure is another popular source that many people use to download applications from across the world. It is accessible in 18 different languages and is trusted by many users. Apkpure was a major source for downloading the TikTok application during the time of the TikTok ban.

Apkpure is also available for download in the form of an Android application, which is a fantastic choice for downloading daily drive applications quickly and effortlessly for free.

Owner– Apkpure team
Since – 2014

9. Getjar


GetJar is the largest open app store website in the world at the present time, with over 974595+ apps listed. There is more than 3 million downloads per day on its platform.

It was created in California by Ilja Laurs, but it was subsequently bought by Sungy mobile firm, which is located in China, and they are now the company’s owners.

Owner – Ilja Laurs
Since – 2004

10. Aptoide


Aptoide is a game-changing alternative Android app store that is changing the game. It is also available for download in the APK application format. It is quite similar to the Google Play Store, however in the case of Aptoide, apps are not kept on any servers, but rather each user administers his or her own personal store.

If you wish to get an earlier version of a certain app, you can do so by going to Aptoid, where older versions of individual apps are accessible to download and install.

Owner – AptoideS.A
Since -17 November 2009

11. F-droid

It is one of the most popular app download sites in Europe. The name F-droid standing for ‘free your Android. ‘F-droid is a contraction of the words ‘free your Android’ and ‘droid’.

F-droid is the largest app store in the world, offering open-source free Android applications and games that are maintained by members of the community.

Normal applications are hard to come by, but F-droid is a developer’s dream.

Owner– F-Deoid LTD
Since – 29 September 2017

12. ModMafia

Modmafia is an excellent place to visit if you want to download modified Android apps. Even though it’s a new site, the excellent service it provides has propelled it to our 13th rank.

In the Mod Android APK Collection, ModMafia is one of the most popular and up-to-date platforms, where the most popular and most recent Modded Android Apps and Games are available for you to download for free.

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Sites 1 to 5 on our list are the top sites from which you can download almost any Android application, and they have generally been known as a trustworthy source for Download app.

Aptoide, Apkpre, Apkmirror, Malavida, and the rest of the well-known unauthorised and modified Android app download sites are also excellent.

If you have any Questions about Android app download sites then ask in the comment section below. Share this content with your friends and Social media.

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