Best Thermal Paste for CPU & GPU – Best cooling paste to buy

If you want to prevent your computer/laptop from an executive heat problem, you need to use the Best Thermal Paste for CPU & GPU. If you are a PC gamer or lover, you may have felt the high temperatures on your computer while executing any task. It is pretty standard for the hardcore gamer or you to perform any task that needs high performance. Most companies provide the inbuilt CPU cooler in the CPU, but it does not achieve that good performance. If you want to use your computer/laptop/MacBook for a long, then you have to care about its CPU cooling system. Here are the top best Thermal Paste for CPU that help your pc to be cool and prevent heat.

What is a Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste or Thermal compound is a temperature conductive grease type paste commonly used to cool heat when placed between heat sinks and heat sources. Thermal paste softens the surfaces between components and makes them work efficiently. –Source

5 Best Thermal Pastes for CPU & GPU You Can Buy

We’ve listed the best thermal pastes you can use for laptops, MacBooks, and other electronics devices. We placed every set of best thermal pastes like metallic, ceramic, carbonic, liquid-metallic that will help you find the best thermal paste for CPU according to your need.

1. Arctic MX-4 – Best Carbon-Based Thermal Paste

Arctic MX-4

The Arctic MX 4 is the most popular thermal compound because of its low price. Most of the Low-end pc users prefer Arctic MX 4 because it’s very easy to use. There are no metals used, so you need to worry because it does not conduct the electricity. If you want to overclock your computer, it won’t help you overclock your computer/laptop.

2. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut – Best Hardcore Ceramic Thermal Paste

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

If you want to overclock your PC, then the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is for you. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut offers maximum heat transfer between the CPU and the cooler. It is one of the best thermal paste for CPU and GPU in this list. It has a thermal conductivity of 12.5 W / MK, which is considered powerful for a grease component. This product is almost twice the price of any other thermal paste. Most of the heavy gamers and heavy taskers use it. It is also easy to use. It is not best for the cooling because Noctura NT-H1 and the Arctic MX 4 are 4 to 5 persent better than it.

3. Arctic Silver 5 – Silver Thermal Compound

Arctic Silver 5

Arctic Silver 5 has very powerful cooling capabilities. It is trendy among people because of its uniqueness and effectiveness. Arctic Silver 5 includes a Microsized silver component for the best thermal performance. The microsized silver that contains this paste is quick at conducting heat, evaporating more heat even when your PC runs overtime. Arctic Silver 5 has a settling time, so it takes a few hours to settle.

4. Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Paste

Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Paste

If you are looking for overclocking, then you must go for Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme. The Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme has thermal conductivity oat 8.5 W/mK, which performs incredibly great. While it has a lower thermal conductivity than Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, it still performs better than many top competitors in the market. Gelid Solutions GC- Extreme is affordable to buy it.

5. Cooler Master MasterGel Pro V2

Cooler MasterGel Pro V2 is a high-performance thermal paste that provides high CPU and GPU conductivity. It is easy to use, and if you want to remove it, it will be removed without damaging the surface. Cooler MasterGel Pro V2 upgraded from its older version provides improved heat distribution and heat transfer from cooler to chipset base. Having thermal conductivity of 9 W/mK would be a great choice when looking for a good thermal paste.

I hope you like the article on Best Thermal Paste for CPU & GPU. I hope this will help you to find the thermal pate according to your need. For more top products, you can visit more posts.

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