Prevent websites from hijacking your device to mine cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Mining: Prevent Websites From Mining Bitcoin on Android, iOS and Web

There are many websites that use the hardware of your phones and computers to mine cryptocurrencies, which in turn could be very harmful to your devices. The worst part here is that there is no easy way to find out which website is harmful and which is not, as many of them do not inform … Read more

These are the safest ways to store Bitcoin

How to Store Bitcoin Offline in Cold Storage

Bitcoin The streak of breaking its own record price has been relentless for the past few months, with the cryptocurrency surging more than $ 14,000 (roughly Rs. 9 lakh) this week, having been less than $ 800 (roughly Rs. 51,600) this time the last year. This unprecedented growth, almost 10 times its value since the … Read more

What is Blockchain Technology? how Blockchain work

blockchain technology

Hi everyone, today, I am giving you information about Blockchain technology. You may hear the word “blockchain technology” before about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For the uninitiated, the term might seem abstract with little real meaning on the surface. However, blockchain technology is a critical element of cryptocurrencies — without it, digital currencies like Bitcoin would not exist. Blockchain Technology … Read more