Britain bans installation of new Huawei 5G kit from September 2021

Britain bans installation of new Huawei 5G kit from September 2021

British telecommunications companies should not install a new Huawei 5G kit after September 2021, the government said on Monday, as part of a plan to purge the Chinese company’s equipment from high-speed mobile networks.

Britain has already ordered all Huawei equipment to be removed from your 5G by the end of 2027, coinciding with intelligence allies, including the United States, who say the company poses security risks.

China has criticized that decision, while Huawei said last week that it was disappointing that Britain sought to bar it from the 5G rollout after the publication of new laws that could see companies fined GBP 1,00,000 (roughly Rs. Break). prohibition.

Monday’s announcement comes ahead of a debate on new telecoms legislation in parliament and details the timetable for the removal of equipment.

“I am setting a clear path for the complete removal of high-risk providers from our 5G networks,” Digital Minister Oliver Dowden said in a statement.

“This will be done through new and unprecedented powers to identify and ban telecommunications equipment that pose a threat to our national security.”

The government also announced a new strategy to diversify the 5G supply chain, consisting of an initial investment of £ 250 million (approximately Rs 2,500 million), trials in collaboration with the Japanese company NEC and the establishment of new facilities of investigation.

Britain has already banned the purchase of a new Huawei 5G kit after the end of the year.

Britain said its July decision was related to concerns that US sanctions on chip technology could affect supply lines. Huawei said at the time that the decision was disappointing and that it concerned US trade policy rather than security.


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