BT chooses Ericsson to roll out 5G in major UK cities

BT chooses Ericsson to roll out 5G in major UK cities

Ericsson of Sweden announced on Wednesday that it had been selected by the British operator BT to implement 5G mobile networks in several major UK cities, making it responsible for 50 percent of BT’s total 5G traffic.

The telecommunications equipment maker said it would be “a key BT partner for 5G deployment to UK capitals London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff and other major cities. ”

“BT has a clear direction on how it wants to push its 5G ambitions in the UK and we are delighted to be its partner in achieving this.” Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm it said in a statement.

Building on a previous 5G agreement between the companies, Ericsson will “manage around 50 percent of BT’s 5G traffic” once the deployment is complete.

Ericsson said it would also contribute to “modernizing BT’s existing 2G and 4G infrastructure …”.

The deal comes as a result of the UK ban From China Huawei since its launch of the next generation of mobile networks in July, as well as demanding operators phasing out the existing equipment of the Chinese telecommunications giant.

The move followed pressure from the US, which alleges that Chinese companies are used to spying for Beijing, but both China and Huawei deny these accusations.

Nordic competitors Ericsson from Sweden and Nokia Finland will benefit from countries that ban Huawei, and in September Nokia won the first 5G deal in the UK since ban, also with BT.


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