What is com.eBay.carrier? How to Uninstall it

By its name, com.eBay.carrier is a package app from eBay, an American global e-commerce firm created in 1995 (which we shall discuss in the section below). eBay is a global marketplace that links millions of sellers and buyers for businesses selling a wide range of goods and services.

What is com.eBay.carrier?

Com.eBay.carrier is a package system app found on various Android phones, particularly those purchased from the eBay corporation. eBay likely places this package app to promote its app services and is not a built-in smartphone app pre-installed by the mobile provider. You won’t be able to uninstall it unless your Android phone is rooted.

Is it necessary for your Android phone to have a com.eBay.carrier?

No, for your Android phone, com.eBay.carrier is not required. The only reason it is pre-installed on your phone is that you purchased it from eBay or because the smartphone manufacturer you are using has a connection with eBay.

Is it safe to use com.eBay.carrier?

Com.eBay.carrier is an AI package system app that monitors your phone activity to provide you with more relevant product suggestions. It will display the things you are most likely to purchase based on your preferences. As a result, the app causes no harm and can be kept on your phone if you don’t have any storage difficulties.

How to Uninstall com.eBay.carrier?

You won’t be able to uninstall or remove this system app without rooting your Android phone. So, in order to uninstall it, you must first root your phone. Another option is to get rid of this app if you don’t want to root your phone.

How to get rid of com.eBay. Carrier without Root?

Force Stop Apps is a great application available on the Google Play Store. The best thing is that your Android phone does not need to be rooted, and follow the steps below to get rid of it.

1.  Download and install Force Stop App.

2. Open it and turn off the background service for com.eBay.carrier. 

This application will not only speed up your smartphone but will also kill app processing.

How to Fix com.eBay.carrier has stopped?

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings.
  2. Go to Apps and press the three lines next to the apps you want to delete.
  3. Toggle the Show system applications button to the blue position and click OK.
  4. Find com.eBay.carrier in the list of all applications and hit it.
  5. Click Force Stop first, then Clear Cache, and finally Clear Data.
  6. That’s all; the problem should now be resolved.

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