Conservative Social Media Platform Parler Gets Mercer Endorsement: Report

Conservative Social Media Platform Parler Gets Mercer Endorsement: Report

The social media platform Parler, which bills itself as a space “driven by free speech,” receives funding from hedge fund investor Robert Mercer and his daughter and conservative activist Rebekah, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. . Right-wing US social media users have flocked to Parler, the messaging app Telegram, and the hands-free social site Gab, citing more aggressive surveillance of political commentary on major platforms like Twitter. and Facebook.

Parler CEO John Matze, who describes himself as a libertarian, has said that he founded the company in 2018 as a bipartisan platform, but that he has doubled down on marketing for conservatives as they entered the site. Those who has joined They include commentator Candace Owens, President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, and right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who handcuffed herself outside the Twitter office in New York in November 2018 to protest the site’s ban. .

“John and I founded Parler to provide a neutral platform for freedom of expression, as our founders intended, and also to create a social media environment that protects data privacy,” Rebekah said in a post on Parler. “The growing tyranny and arrogance of our tech overlords demand that someone lead the fight against data mining and the protection of free speech online,” he added.

The company’s user base doubled to 10 million in less than a week, making it difficult for its staff of about 30 people to keep up with new subscriptions, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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