Counterfeit goods from My India worth 33.3 lakh rupees seized in Bengaluru, Chennai

Counterfeit goods from My India worth 33.3 lakh rupees seized in Bengaluru, Chennai

Counterfeit products from My India worth Rs. 33.3 lakhs were seized from four providers in Chennai and three in Bengaluru, Xiaomi said in a statement sent by mail. The raids took place in October and November, and seven people are currently in custody for selling the allegedly unauthorized products, according to the company statement. The counterfeit products were being sold by retailers in the two cities.

More than 3,000 products consisting of mobile back covers, earphones, external batteries, chargers and headphones were found, the company said in a statement. Fake Xiaomi India Products Worth Rs. 24.9 lakhs from Bengaluru and 8.4 lakhs from Chennai were recovered.

Store owners in both cities were arrested for allegedly selling fake Mi India products. Xiaomi He said that upon questioning, it was discovered that the vendors had been running this business for a long time and had sold multiple unauthorized products on the market.

How to identify counterfeit Xiaomi products

To help customers identify counterfeit products, Xiaomi listed some tips. Some products, such as My powerbanks and all audio products, carry security codes that can be verified on the company’s website to identify the authenticity of the product. Xiaomi said that the packaging and quality of the retail boxes are very different, and customers can visit Mi Home or Mi Stores to validate the original packaging.

The company also recommended that customers check the original My India logo on the product to see if it is authorized; The original logo on the packaging is available on the company’s website for checking. In addition to that, Xiaomi said that all authorized fitness products, such as Mi Bands, will have compatibility with the Mi Fit app. Lastly, unauthorized cables are often flimsy and break easily, the company said.

Xiaomi India said in the statement that it had created a special task force responsible for constantly monitoring the market and taking action against unauthorized entities and counterfeiters. The company also advised customers to purchase products from authorized brand stores and associated outlets, and to obtain telephone services only through authorized service centers.


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