Disney Could Release 3 Major Movies Directly On Disney + Hotstar: Report

Disney Could Release 3 Major Movies Directly On Disney + Hotstar: Report

Disney could move several upcoming movies to Disney + and Disney + Hotstar, according to a new report. Titles under consideration include one directed by Emma Stone Cruella, the protagonist of Tom Hanks Pinocchioand Peter Pan and Wendy. Only the first of those films has a release date: Cruella is scheduled for May 28, 2021, and there aren’t even slots for 2021 for the others, suggesting that Disney expects the theatrical model to be rocked for a considerable time. Or maybe you are really interested only in the growth of Disney +, which has 73.7 million subscribers in less than a year.

Deadline bring news of Disney thinking of a direct streaming premiere of several highly successful family movies. There is no clarity on whether the three films in question … Cruella, Pinocchioand Peter Pan and Wendy, would be offered at no additional cost, as is the case with Pixar’s soul on Christmas day, or for a premium rate, as Disney chose to do with Mulan at the beginning of the year. (Mulan will be available to everyone, even in Disney + Hotstar, in December 4th). Disney is considering “all options”, says Deadline, suggesting that movies could still maintain its theatrical space.

But it would not be surprising if they did not. In July, Disney decided to release the filmed version of the award-winning theatrical musical. Hamilton on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. It was originally scheduled to hit theaters in October 2021, and Disney teased it more than a year. With Mulan, Disney put a 200 million dollar movie directly into streaming, although for an additional fee of $ 30. But that bet didn’t pay off. Still, fueled by those animated titles (and IPL in India), Disney + has grown to 73.7 million subscribers, with 18.5 million Disney + Hotstar.

People familiar with the matter told Deadline that while Disney will miss the movies’ box office if they are released on Disney +, the entertainment giant will be content with the way it increases the number of Disney + subscribers, which in turn increases its share price on Wall Street. This was also said to be the thinking of WarnerMedia, which released your day and date release plans for Wonder Woman 1984 – will be released on December 16 in theaters around the world, followed by an opening on Christmas Day HBO Max and in theaters in the United States, earlier this week.

Disney has no plans to take Wonderful movies like Black widow However, straight to Disney +, Deadline notes.


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