The new wifi calling service is beneficial in regions where network access is limited. Here we have the guide to enable wifi calling on iphone and android device. If wifi calling is enable on your iPhone or android smartphone, with the help of this, you can make regular voice calls over the linked wifi network. For example, if you are in a building’s basement and have poor network access but strong wifi, you will be able to make regular phone calls without difficulty. This service aims to improve call quality and decrease call drops. Instead of using the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network, the wifi calling service uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

What Is wifi Calling?

With the help of wifi Calling, users can make regular calls in locations with little or no connectivity. You can do wifi calling with your iphone and the android device if your network service provider enables the feature and the user has a robust wifi connection. Compatible phones will utilise the wifi network to make regular calls through the telecommunications provider you subscribe to when the network connection is poor.

How to enable wifi calling on iPhone

Wifi calling on an Apple iPhone is simple to set up as long as your telecoms provider enables it. Follow the steps to enable it.

enable Wifi ncalling on iphone
  1. On an iPhone, go to the Settings menu. Select Telephone.
  2. Select Mobile data > wifi calling  (This will displayed only if your telecom operator supports the service)
  3. Activate “Wifi calling on this iPhone”. Then your calls will use wifi calling. If wifi Calling is available, you will see wifi after your provider’s name in the status bar.

How to enable wifi calling on Android smartphones

Wifi calling is available on the majority of newly released phones. Users can check this on their phones by searching for the option in network settings. If the wifi calling option is not present on your phone then you can not use this feature.. To enable wifi calling on Android phones, follow these simple steps.

  1. On your Android phone, go to the Settings menu. Go to the networking (This is called the Connections section or even Mobile networks).
  2. Navigate to the Networking section, then go to wifi Preferences, and finally click to Advanced.
  3. Look for the option wifi calling. Users can choose which number to enable if the phone has two SIM cards installed. Subscribers may even activate it for both numbers if they want.
  4. On certain phones, the wifi calling option is available simply in the Networks section, rather than navigating to the Advanced section. The path may change significantly based on the operating system skins of various Android phones.

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WiFi calling costs 

Although calling via wifi is free, you charged for calls depending on your cellular plan. This is because wifi calls are considered the same as if they were placed in the United States. Any prices and fees that apply to regular cellular calls will also apply to wifi calls.

Wifi calling is ideal for foreign travellers because there are usually no roaming or international charges when calling or texting back home. Many carriers also provide free calls to Canada and Mexico in their plans. If you call an overseas number from a U.S.-based smartphone, keep in mind that you will charged as an international rate based on your global calling plan. In addition, several nations, such as Australia, China, Cuba, North Korea, India, Iran, Singapore, Sudan, and Syria, do not support wifi calling.

I hope you understand how to enable;e wifi calling on your iPhone or Android device. If you have any issue related to this, tell us in a comment we will try to solve it.

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