Europe’s antitrust chief wants tougher rules for tech giants

Europe’s antitrust chief wants tougher rules for tech giants

Tech giants will have to do more to remove illegal and harmful content, while online gatekeepers will be bound by a list of dos and don’ts under new rules meant to control their power, he said. Thursday Europe’s antitrust chief.

European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager He also proposed new powers for law enforcement to address market failures in digital markets and to prevent new ones from emerging.

Under the proposed Digital Services Act, online platforms will need to verify the identities of sellers before they can use their services in a move aimed at countering illegal and dangerous content.

Tech companies will have to produce reports on their actions and inform users who pays for the ads they see and why they have been targeted by certain ads, Vestager said.

The second set of rules called the Digital Markets Law is aimed at online gatekeepers.

“That proposal will have two pillars,” Vestager said at a Center for European Policy event.

“The first of those pillars will be a clear dos and don’ts list for the big digital gatekeepers, based on our experience with the kind of behavior that can cause markets to malfunction.”

Disallowed practices include pushing the services themselves, known as unfair self-preference, making it difficult for users to switch platforms or use more than one service.

Vestager said the second pillar of the Digital Markets Law was to establish a harmonized market research framework in the 27-country bloc.

“That would give us a harmonized set of rules that would allow us to investigate certain structural problems in digital markets and, if necessary, we could take steps to make these markets competitive,” he said.

Vestager will announce the new draft rules in December. 2. You must reconcile your proposal with those of EU countries and the European Parliament before it can become legislatio


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