Facebook Messenger and Instagram get a new disappearing mode for ephemeral chats

Facebook Messenger and Instagram get a new disappearing mode for ephemeral chats

Instagram and Facebook Messenger are getting their own version of ephemeral messaging with the introduction of Vanish Mode. Disappearing messages were once a Snapchat signature, although versions of this now exist on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. Instagram has also made changes to its home page. The Reels tab, which was recently launched in India, is now expanding globally, and a Buy button is also being added to the navigation bar and you will hit the notification button for likes and comments in the upper right corner of the homepage.

Facebook announced Vanish mode in September. Now it’s coming to Delivery courier and Instagram and will allow users to send messages in DM without remaining in the chat history. You can swipe up on the existing chat thread to activate this feature. A simple second swipe up can return you to normal chat mode. Facebook famous that only people you are connected to can use escape mode in a chat. It also doesn’t seem to apply to group chats and will only work in private one-to-one chats. Instagram already has a feature that allows users to send photos and videos that disappear once they have been viewed and the addition of Vanish mode for texts makes its messaging functionality even more similar to Snapchat.

The new ephemeral messaging feature on Instagram and Messenger differs from WhatsApp recently introduced “Disappearing messages” function. While those messages can be captured and read for seven days, Vanish mode chats will disappear after the receiver sees them, the sender will be notified if someone takes a screenshot of the chat before it disappears.

Vanish mode is now available on Messenger in the US and many other countries. It will soon be released on Instagram and in other countries.

As mentioned above, Instagram is also going through a considerable redesign and its director Adam Mosseri has written a blog post to explain the changes. The platform expects the Reels The tab will give people the opportunity to “share their creativity with the world and have a chance to get ahead and find an audience.” The stores tab, on the other hand, will feature personalized recommendations, a selection of editors selected by the @shop channel on Instagram, videos that can be purchased and new product collections, for closer integration with brands. The tech giant has said that the Buy tab would make it easier for users to draw inspiration from creators, buy through Instagram and supporting small businesses.

Mosseri said the Instagram home screen hadn’t been updated in a major way for quite some time, but the way people create and enjoy culture has changed. “The biggest risk for Instagram is not that we change too quickly, but that we do not change and become irrelevant,” Mosseri said in the post.


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