Facebook removes ‘inauthentic’ accounts and pages spanning eight countries

Facebook removes ‘inauthentic’ accounts and pages spanning eight countries

Facebook said on Friday that it has dismantled seven separate networks of fake accounts and pages on its platform that were active in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Myanmar, Georgia and Ukraine due to “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

The social media platform Announced had removed the new networks as part of its monthly report on “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” which also noted Facebook it had removed nearly 8,000 pages involved in deceptive campaigns around the world in October.

Many of the networks removed by Facebook were involved in deceptive political influence campaigns using fake accounts, targeting both domestic and foreign audiences.

A network of Facebook accounts and pages was operated from Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco by individuals connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian Islamist movement that operates group networks throughout the Middle East. The pages were aimed at countries in the region and contained terror-related content, Facebook said.

Facebook found two “inauthentic” networks in Georgia that spread political content, one of which the platform dates back to people associated with two political parties.

In Ukraine and Myanmar, the social media giant found that public relations firms were running similar deceptive campaigns on behalf of political parties.

The company has been cracking down on such accounts globally after being criticized for not developing tools quickly enough to combat extremist content and propaganda operations.


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