Facebook removes pro-Trump electoral group ‘Stop the Steal’

Facebook removes pro-Trump electoral group ‘Stop the Steal’

Facebook on Thursday shut down a pro-Trump group organizing protests against the counting of votes, saying it was being used to delegitimize the electoral process and included “worrying” calls for violence.

The group, called “Stop the Steal,” was only a few days old, but had surpassed 3,00,000 members when it was eliminated for raping. Facebook policies.

The social network acted as scrutiny continues in the battlefield states two days after Tuesday’s vote, with a Democrat Joe biden still confident of capturing the incumbent’s presidency Donald trump.

“In accordance with the exceptional measures we are taking during this period of heightened tension, we have eliminated the group ‘Stop the Steal’, which was creating events in the real world,” Facebook said in response to an AFP query.

“The group organized around the delegitimization of the electoral process and we saw worrying calls for violence by some members of the group.”

“Stop the Steal” called for “boots on the ground” to protect what it called the “integrity” of the vote, according to the Washington Post, and encouraged donations to help send supporters to battlefields like Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Some of the comments warned of being “on the brink of civil war” and asked supporters how they would go “to overthrow the government,” the Post. report

Since Election Day, the president has sent tweets calling for vote counting to stop and has claimed without evidence that there has been electoral fraud.

But his tweets have been masked with ads telling people the claims are misleading.

Facebook and Twitter Has been fighting to prevent The platforms are used to spread false claims about the integrity of the vote or the vote count.

The platforms have promised increased scrutiny of false electoral information, including premature claims of victory, seeking to avoid a repeat of the 2016 manipulation efforts.

Separately, Facebook said it implemented its policy. ban political ads after the polls close.

A Facebook spokesperson said the goal was “to reduce the possibility of confusion or abuse” and that the ban will likely last about a week.


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