Facebook suspends recommendations from political groups ahead of polls in the US.

Facebook suspends recommendations from political groups ahead of polls in the US.

Facebook confirmed on Friday that it would temporarily suspend recommendations for all political groups and any new groups in the run-up to Tuesday’s US presidential election.

From Facebook Executive Director Mark Zuckerberg He referred to one of the changes during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, saying: “We have taken steps to stop group recommendations for all political content or social issue groups as a precaution.”

Facebook Groups They are communities that are formed around shared interests. Any Facebook user can view, search, and join public groups.

Ahead of the US vote, various advocacy and watchdog groups have lobbied for Facebook to limit recommendations from algorithmic groups. They have argued that some Facebook Groups have been used as spaces to spread misinformation and organize extremist activities.

A Facebook spokeswoman declined to say when the changes had been made or how long they would last.

“We will evaluate when to lift them later, but they are temporary,” he said in an email to Reuters.

Facebook also said that as of Friday morning it was limiting the distribution of the hashtag ‘save our children’, due to its connections to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Social media platforms have cracked down on content related to the unfounded conspiracy theory, which posits that the US president. Donald trump he is secretly fighting a global cabal of child sexual predators that includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and allies of the “deep state.”

A Facebook spokeswoman said people will still be able to use the hashtag, but clicking on it will cause no other instances of its use to appear. If users search for the hashtag, they will be shown “credible child safety resources,” he said.


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