Flipboard launches dark mode for Android users

Flipboard launches dark mode for Android users

Flipboard for Android now has dark mode. This comes after more than a year of introducing the same feature for iOS users. The dark mode setting respects system-wide user interface preferences and can also be enabled or disabled whenever you want. The new dark mode comes with the latest version of Flipboard Android 4.2.59. The update could be rolled out gradually and may not be seen by all users in the Google Play store immediately. The dark mode, as the norm, offers a gray landscape that is pleasing to the eye compared to the light theme.

The change log for the Flipboard Version 4.2.59 of the Android app confirms that dark mode has arrived. It says: “Now with dark mode: we know you’ve been asking for it, and now the wait is over. To activate dark mode, go to Settings in your Profile, then tap Theme. Here, you can choose Light, Dark or Use system settings, which will adjust the dark mode according to your phone’s system settings. Android Police was the first to stain the update.

Dark mode changes the background to black, with tabs displaying a gray font. If an external link is accessed through the app, that link will open in a browser in normal mode and will not have a dark palette. The cards within the application will respect the design of the dark mode. If you have dark mode as your system-wide preference, Flipboard will switch to dark mode automatically. To disable it, users can go to their profile> Settings> Theme and choose from three options: Use system settings, Light and Dark. If you want to disable the dark theme, users can go for the light theme.

If your system-wide preference isn’t set to dark mode, you can enable the dark theme for Flipboard in the same Settings menu. To update ‘Flipboard for Android’, go to Google Play Store and check for an update. Users can also choose a Mirror APK Download it if you haven’t received an update via Google Play and prefer not to wait.


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