Former Facebook Employee Appears Before Delhi Assembly Panel

Former Facebook Employee Appears Before Delhi Assembly Panel

A former Facebook employee told a Delhi Assembly panel that the violence in the national capital in February this year could have easily been avoided if the social media giant had acted proactively and swiftly.

The Peace and Harmony Committee, headed by Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chadha, had summoned the former Facebook employee Mark S Luckie in the wake of multiple social media platform guilty accusations in the riots in Delhi earlier this year.

“He (Mark S Luckie) also claimed that events such as the communal clashes in Delhi, the genocide in Myanmar and the communal violence in Sri Lanka could have easily been avoided if Facebook had acted more proactively and quickly,” read a statement from the Peace and Harmony Committee.

Luckie, during her tenure at Facebook, has actively worked with various core teams and made extremely scathing revelations about the inner workings of Facebook, thus spilling beans on the entire organizational structure of Facebook globally and regionally.

During the course of the deposition, Luckie claimed that there has been repeated interference from top officials of Facebook teams, including their heads of policy at the behest of political parties, into content moderation teams, leading to eventual commitment in the execution of yours. community standards, read the release.

He alleged that the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg He also engages in various relationships with different political parties around the world for special benefits or favors, as it is common knowledge that many prominent political figures seek his indulgence from time to time.

According to the Peace and Harmony Committee, Luckie also referred to the recruitment process of the Company’s top managers, where he pointed out that for a position of utmost importance such as Chief of Public Policy, people who have cordial relations with the government or who have special political affiliations and Those with strong lobbying control within government are preferred, a practice that in itself casts a shadow of doubt on the “politically agnostic management” stance Facebook often tries to protect.


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