Former Facebook Employees Should Be Interviewed As Part Of Investigation: US Senator

Former Facebook Employees Should Be Interviewed As Part Of Investigation: US Senator

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican and a harsh critic of big tech companies, urged the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday to interview some former Facebook employees as part of its investigation into the social media giant.

Both of them FTC and groups of state attorneys general are widely believed to be planning litigation against Facebook for violating antitrust law.

In his letter to FTC Chairman Joe Simons, Blackburn referred to a statement by the FTC from Facebook’s CEO. Mark Zuckerberg, adding: “While that’s promising, I encourage you to also talk to other Facebook executives and engineers who can reveal the company’s real agenda. Many of them fear that letting Facebook’s dominance go unchecked may have consequences. dark for both competitors and consumers. ”

Blackburn specifically urged the FTC to interview critics of Facebook such as company co-founder Chris Hughes, former chief security officer Alex Stamos and Yael Eisenstat, former head of Facebook’s election integrity effort.

Blackburn said that regulating the Internet, which is something Congress would address, was not enough. “Americans depend on the commission to deal with Facebook and fully prosecute entities that violate the Sherman Antitrust Act,” he wrote.

Chasing the tech giants, the Justice Department defendant Of the alphabet Google last month while AmazonĀ and Apple remain under investigation, it’s something Democrats and Republicans have agreed on despite a polarized political atmosphere.

Senator Elizabeth warren, a progressive Democrat, has urged that Facebook be required to sell Instagram, which he bought in 2012, and WhatsApp, which he bought in 2014.


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