Fortnite will return to iPhone, iPad via Nvidia’s cloud gaming service: report

Fortnite will return to iPhone, iPad via Nvidia’s cloud gaming service: report

Users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad could soon return to playing Epic Games’ Fortnite game via Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, the BBC reported Thursday.

Nvidia has developed a version of his GeForce cloud gaming service running on mobile web browser Safari .

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters, while Epic declined to comment.

Nvidia said it would not comment on the arrival of new customers to the service, or the availability of any games on unannounced or unreleased platforms.

The company is expected to announce updates to its GeForce Now service later this month with support from Apple ios.

Apple’s rules require cloud gaming companies to submit each game title in the catalog as a separate app for Apple review, and the master catalog app would provide links to the individual titles. That requirement puts an obstacle to the perfect experience. cloud games companies claim to offer their users.

Microsoft, which has a game streaming feature in its premium version Xbox Game Pass subscription, has previously criticized Apple for such rules.


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