Future Pixel phones won’t have unlimited Google photo storage

Future Pixel phones won’t have unlimited Google photo storage

Future Google Pixel phones won’t have the ‘unlimited storage’ advantage in Google Photos that previous Pixel phones had. The company has confirmed to various publications that the benefit of storing unlimited original quality photos and videos in Google Photos will not extend to future Pixel phones. This means that all existing Pixel phones, and those ‘sold right now’ will be the last to get the benefit of unlimited Google Photos storage on high quality settings (Unlimited original quality backup removed with Pixel 3a and Pixel 4). For Google Photos users outside of the Pixel family, the storage benefit will also change after June 1, 2021.

The tech giant has confirmed that Android Police and The edge that future Pixel phones won’t have unlimited free backups of Google Photos, even in high quality. Current Pixel phones, after the June 1 deadline, will have the option of ‘unlimited storage’ restricted to high quality, but it won’t store unlimited photos and videos in original file size. The Android Police report says that this ‘high quality’ option that current pixels have will not be offered to future Pixel phones.

As with the change, Google end the benefit of free and unlimited storage of Google Photos and looking to start loading by the storage space that your photos and videos occupy. This change will take effect as of June 1, 2021.

Google will continue to offer 15GB of free storage space. Once that quota runs out, Google looks to pressure users to get a paid subscription to Google One that provides cloud storage for Google Photos, along with Google Drive and Gmail, of up to 30TB of space. All photos or videos uploaded in ‘high quality’ before June 1 will not count towards the 15 GB limit.

In its blog post, Google mentions that “all pixels sold at this time are exempt from the changes.” However, as mentioned, users will be able to upload ‘high quality’ photos and videos from their phones, but they will not be able to access unlimited storage for their content in its original file size. Apart from this, Google has also warned users that it will delete data from inactive accounts that have not logged in for at least two years.


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