Gmail brings a dedicated widget for devices running on iOS 14

Gmail brings a dedicated widget for devices running on iOS 14

Gmail for iOS has been updated with support for a dedicated widget. The Gmail widget is available on devices running on iOS 14 and above, it allows you to search your inbox and compose a new email. In addition to Gmail, the Google Drive and Google Fit apps on iOS have been updated with widgets. Google has also promised to bring the Calendar and Chrome widgets to offer an improved experience on iOS 14 and later. Meanwhile, Chrome on the iPad has been updated with support for multiple windows.

Unlike Gmail widget on Android which allows you to view your latest emails, its iOS counterpart does not give you a preview of your inbox. Instead it gives you a standard 4×2 widget from where you can search your inbox or tap the Compose shortcut to create a new email. The Gmail widget on iOS also comes with a shortcut to view your unread emails. Provides a counter that lets you see how many new emails are in your inbox instead of having to use the badge on the Gmail app icon.

The differences between Gmail’s Android and iOS widgets exist primarily due to Apple’s developer guidelines that limit for developers to provide interactive elements in their widgets.

Google have provided the updated Gmail for iOS (version 6.0.201101) for devices running on iOS 12.0 and above. However, the Gmail widget will only be available if your iPhone is running on iOS 14.

Along with the Gmail widget, Google Announced that created the Drive widget for iOS devices that provides the ability to search any file stored in the cloud storage. Google fit for iOS it has also been updated with the widget that allows you to track your activity with Heart Points and Steps.

Google also offers Calendar widget for iOS devices in the coming days that will display your upcoming appointments and give you quick access to your calendar. In addition, the Chrome The widget that will give access to search, will open a new tab or incognito tab, voice search and QR scanning has also reached Chrome Beta. It will be available to everyone early next year, Google said.

Google Drive, Calendar, Fit and Chrome with widget support

Google recently introduced widget support in their apps, including Google Photos, Youtube Music and the native Google app. The experience, however, is so far identical to what could be obtained through the context menus of Google applications previously.

Google also has updated Chrome for iOS and iPadOS to a version 87.0.4280.60. The updated Chrome browser on iPad allows you to open multiple windows simultaneously. You just need to tap and hold a link and then choose the ‘Open in new window’ option to open a specific website in a new window. Additionally, the update brings a feature called ‘security check’ in the Settings menu that allows you to check if you are on the latest version of Chrome, have Safe Browsing enabled, and if you have compromised passwords. It will also provide you with the steps to fix compromised passwords, if you have any.

The updated Chrome browser also comes with a secure autocomplete feature that will prompt you Facial identification, touch id, or your password by auto-filling your passwords.

Earlier this week, Google updated the Chrome browser on macOS with various performance improvements. It also released a native version of Chrome for Apple’s silicon that had to stop for a day due to some glitches.


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